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Modern Sports Law

A Textbook

By: Jack Anderson
Media of Modern Sports Law
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Published: 26-10-2010
Format: EPUB eBook (?)
Edition: 1st
Extent: 424
ISBN: 9781847317377
Imprint: Hart Publishing
RRP: £34.19
Online price : £27.35
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About Modern Sports Law

The aim of this book is to provide an account of how the law influences the operation, administration and playing of modern sports. Although the book focuses on legal doctrine it has been written bearing in mind sport's historical, cultural, social and economic context, including the drama and colour of sport's major events and leading personalities. And although it is inevitably very much concerned with elite professional sports it is not dominated by them, and seeks to cover the widest possible range of sports, professional and amateur.

Initially, the book addresses practical issues such as the structures of national and international sport, and examines the evolution of the body of law known as 'sports law'. Thereafter three main themes are identified: regulatory; participatory; and financial aspects of modern sport. The regulatory theme is dealt with in chapters considering the manner in which decisions of sports governing bodies may be challenged in the ordinary courts and the development of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms in sport. The participatory theme includes the legal regulation of doping and violence in sport, as well as the broader topic of tortious liability for sporting injuries. The financial theme, reflecting the enhanced commercialisation of sport at all levels, is developed in chapters concerning issues in applied contract and employment law for players and legal matters surrounding the organisation of major sports events. The conclusion summarises modern sport's experience of EU law, pointing the way to the future direction of sports law more generally.

While the book is aimed primarily at students, and is designed to cover fundamental and topical areas of sports law (sports law in general; sports bodies and the courts; arbitration in sport; corruption; doping; violence; civil liability; discrimination; the commodification of modern sport; and the likely future of sports law), it should also prove of wider interest to practitioners, sports administrators and governing bodies; and though focused primarily on UK law it will also appeal to readers in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the USA.

Table Of Contents

1. Introduction: What is Sports Law?
2. Challenging Decisions of Sports Governing Bodies
3. Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution in Sport
4. The Legal Regulation of Drugs in Sport
5. Criminal Violence in Sport
6. Civil Liability in Sport
7. Sports-Related Contracts of Employment
8. Conclusion: Brussels or Boston? The Future of Sports Law


“Let me say it directly! Jack Anderson's book is very good and recommended reading for anyone interested in the sport's future regulation, the standard of development and its relationship to social trends.” –  Bo Carlsson,

“This recently published book provides a welcome addition for those engaged in the study of legal aspects of sport.
[Anderson] has provided careful analysis of many major features of modern sports law. One of the strengths of his work is the way in which he draws useful comparisons between the experience and decisions of the English courts with those of other common law jurisdictions. In addition, the ultimate readers are helped in their understanding by the reasoned and helpful referencing throughout the book. One must also add congratulations to Hart Publishing for their provision of an easy to follow structure and indexing of the text. Finally, it is suggested that Anderson's book will no doubt be a popular purchase by those who wish to enhance their study and interest in sports, whether as practitioners, students or general readers.
” –  David Dovey, Sport and the Law Journal, Volume 18, Issue 2

“...its content is minutely up to date and its analysis is strong and has a distinct and very interesting individuality to it.
I, for one, will be recommending the book as an insightful and up-to-date treatise on the discipline that is sports law.
” –  Neville Cox, Irish Jurist, Volume 45

“Modern Sports Law, A Textbook, is a very comprehensive and overall original approach to Sports Law.
Jack Anderson brings about a fresh approach to the study of the topic.
What is undeniable is that it's a magnificent work, which shows the encyclopedic knowledge of the author. The books included in the references are numerous and varied, it's truly impressive.
...this book would be very appropriate for students with a law degree and even for professionals that want to increase their knowledge about specific areas.

” –  Alfonso Valero,

“This is a well-researched and well-written Book on 'Sports Law' and one that I would heartily and unhesitatingly recommend to students and practitioners alike.” –  Professor Ian Blackshaw, International Sport Law Journal

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