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Modern Studies in Property Law - Volume 4

Editor(s): Elizabeth Cooke
Media of Modern Studies in Property Law - Volume 4
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Published: 21-05-2007
Format: Hardback
Edition: 1st
Extent: 340
ISBN: 9781841136288
Imprint: Hart Publishing
Series: Modern Studies in Property Law
Dimensions: 234 x 156 mm
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About Modern Studies in Property Law - Volume 4

This book is a collection of papers given at the sixth biennial conference at the University of Reading held in March 2006, and is the fourth in the series Modern Studies in Property Law. The Reading conference has become well-known as a unique opportunity for property lawyers to meet and confer both formally and informally. This volume is a refereed and revised selection of the papers given there. It covers a broad range of topics of immediate importance, not only in domestic law but also on a worldwide scale.

Table Of Contents

I - Keynote Address

1. Reforming Housing Law: A Progress Report
Martin Partington

II - Law and Equity

2. Equitable Co-ownership: Proprietary Rights in Name Only?
Martin Dixon

3. Why is the Law of Undue Influence so Hard to Understand and Apply?
Graham Ferris

4. The Lie of the Land: Mortgage Law as Legal Fiction
Gary Watt

5. Curbing the Enthusiasm of Finders
Robin Hickey

6. Leases: Rethinking Possession against Vulnerable Groups
Warren Barr

7. Reconciling Property Law and Social Security Law: Same Concepts, Different Meanings?
Nicholas Hopkins and Emma Laurie

III - Possession of Land

8. The Acquisition of Rights in Property by the Effluxion of Time
Amy Goymour

9. An Adjudication Rule for Encroachment Disputes: Adverse Possession or a Building Encroachment Statute?
Pamela O'Connor

10. de Soto Discovers the Prairies:Of Squatters and the Canadian West
Bruce Ziff and Sean Ward

IV - Property, Empire and Indigenous Title

11. Land Law and the Making of the British Empire
Patrick McAuslan

12. Translating Native Title to Individual 'Title' in Australia: Are Real Property Forms and Indigenous Interests Reconcilable?
Lee Godden and Maureen Tehan

13. Individual Title versus Collective Title in Australia: Reflections on the North American and New Zealand Experiences of Indigenous Title to Land
M A Stephenson

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