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Modern Studies in Property Law - Volume 5

Editor(s): Martin Dixon
Media of Modern Studies in Property Law - Volume 5
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Published: 03-11-2009
Format: Hardback
Edition: 1st
Extent: 492
ISBN: 9781841139609
Imprint: Hart Publishing
Series: Modern Studies in Property Law
Dimensions: 234 x 156 mm
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About Modern Studies in Property Law - Volume 5

This book is a collection of papers given at the seventh biennial conference held at the University of Cambridge in March 2008, and is the fifth in the series Modern Studies in Property Law. The Property Law conference has become well-known as a unique opportunity for property lawyers to meet and confer both formally and informally. This volume is a refereed and revised selection of the papers given there. It covers a broad range of topics of immediate importance, not only in domestic law but also on a worldwide scale.

Table Of Contents

I. A System of Land Law for the 21st Century
1. Responding to Fraud in Title Registration Systems:
A Comparative Study
Matthew Harding and Michael Bryan
2. The Versatility of State Indemnity Provisions
Simon Cooper
3. Easements and Servitudes Created by Implied Grant, Implied
Reservation or Prescription and Title-by-Registration
Fiona R Burns
4. Feudal Law: The Case for Reform
Judith Bray
II. Trusts and Equitable Remedies
5. Restrictions on Dispositions of Charity Property-Protection
or Undue Burden?
Jean Warburton
6. 'You Just Gotta Keep the Customer Satisfied': Where Stands the
Beneficiary's Right to Information?
Gerwyn Ll H Griffiths
7. Draftsmen and Suspicious Wills
Roger Kerridge
8. Territorial Extremism in Awards of Specific Performance
Professor Peter Sparkes
III. Family Homes
9. Constructive Trusts and Constructing Intention
Nick Piška
10. Bankrupt Husbands and the Application of the Doctrine
of Exoneration in Australian Law: Moving into the
21st Century
Justice Berna Collier
11. The Elderly, Their Homes and the Unconscionable
Bargain Doctrine
Lorna Fox O'Mahony and James Devenney
IV. Different Conceptions of Property
12. Selling the Land: Should It Stop? A Case Study
from the South Pacific
Sue Farran
13. Ownership, Possession, Title and Transfer: Human Remains
in Museum Collections
Charlotte Woodhead
14. Protection of Cultural Property in Times of Armed Conflict:
UK Ratification of the Hague Convention 1954
Sarah Williams and Jamie Glister
15. The Extension of Land Registration Principles to New
Property Rights in Environmental Goods
Pamela O'Connor
V. The Nature of Property Rights
16. The Role of Expectation in the Determination of Proprietary
Estoppel Remedies
John Mee
17. Leases: Property, Contract or More?
Jill Morgan
18. The Property Rights of Tribes
Dr PG McHugh


“This volume, with its great breadth of work from academics around the world, is thought-provoking and, I have no doubt, will encourage others to engage in their own research in their favoured area. This volume stands as a testament to the outstanding scholarship of its contributors” –  Michael Walsh, Kings Law Journal, Volume 21, Issue 2

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