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New Developments in International Commercial and Consumer Law

Proceedings of the 8th Biennial Conference of the International Academy of Commercial and Consumer Law

Editor(s): Jacob Ziegel
Media of New Developments in International Commercial and Consumer Law
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Published: 01-05-1998
Format: Hardback
Edition: 1st
Extent: 536
ISBN: 9781901362077
Imprint: Hart Publishing
Dimensions: 234 x 156 mm
RRP : £150.00

: 14 -21 days

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Loren Epson

About New Developments in International Commercial and Consumer Law

Consulting Editor: Shalom Lerner.

This volume contains the text of the papers and principal commentaries delivered at the 8th Biennial Conference of the IACCL held at Bar Ilan University in August 1996. The papers include original and practical papers on banking law, secured financing, securities regulation, the international sale of goods, competition law, electronic fund transfers, transnational commercial law, commercial law in Central and Eastern Europe, international demand guarantees, the UNIDROIT principles of international commercial law, company charges, consumer bankruptcies, European consumer rights, products liability, and international commercial arbitration.

Contributors: James E. Byrne, R.C.C. Cuming, S.K. Date-Bah, Louis F. del Duca and Patrick del Duca, Anthony J. Duggan, Raúl Etcheverry, Benjamin Geva, Roy Goode, Laureano F. Gutiérrez-Falla, Attila Harmathy, Rafael Illescas-Ortiz, Donald B. King, Shalom Lerner, Ricardo Sandoval Lopez, Patrick Osode, Uriel Procaccia, Arcelia Quintana-Adriano, Jerzy Rajski, Arie Reich, Norbert Reich, Harry C. Sigman, Catherine Walsh, Jacob S. Ziegel.

Table Of Contents

Part I Basic International Commercial and Contract Law Developments

1. Usage and its Reception in Transnational Commercial Law
Roy Goode

2. Internationalization of Sales Law-Practice under the Convention on International Sale of Goods-A Primer for Attorneys and International Traders
Louis F. del Duca and Patrick del Duca

3. The Case Against Lex Mercatoria
Uriel Procaccia

4. Convergence of Contract Law Systems and the Unidroit Principles of International Commercial Contracts: A Search for the Nature of Contract
Donald B. King

Part II Banking Law, Payment Systems and International Finance

5. Unauthorized Electronic Funds Transfers-Comparative Aspects
Benjamin Geva

6. Standby Rulemaking: A Glimpse at the Elements of Standardization and Harmonization of Banking Practice
James E. Byrne

7. International Demand Guarantees: The Interaction of the Uncitral Convention and the URDG Rules of the ICC
Rafael Illescas Ortiz

8. Guarantees on First Demand: The Chilean Position
Richardo Sandoval Lopez

Part III Secured Transactions in Movable Property

9. Modernizing the Secured Financing and Lease Financing Laws of Developing Nations, with Particular Focus on the West Bank and Gaza
R. C. C. Cuming

10. The Registration of Company Charges Against Real Property Under Israeli Law
Shalom Lerner

11. The Case for Worldwide Reform of the Law Governing Secured Transactions in Movable Property
Harry C. Sigman

Part IV Conflict of Laws

12.Territoriality and Choice of Law in the Supreme Court of Canada: Applications in Products Liability Claims
Catherine Walsh

Part V International Trade Law

13. First Approach to Competition Law and Sanctioning of Disloyal Practices in Mercosur
Raúl Aníbal Etcheverry

14. State Contracts, State Interests and International Commercial Arbitration: A Third World Perspective
Patrick Osode

15. The New GATT Agreement on Government Procurement: Impressive Achievements but a Setback for Multilateralism
Arie Reich

Part VI The Challenges of Adapting to Market Economies

16. The Development of Securities Regulation in Emerging African Capital Markets
S. K. Date-Bah

17. Process of Transition and Commercial Law in Central and Eastern Europe
Attila Harmathy

18. The Challenges of Adapting Law to Market Economies in Post-communist Central European Countries
Jerzy Rajski

19. Integrator Companies in Mexico: Lifesavers of Micro, Small and Medium-sized Industries
Elvia Arcelia Quintana Adriano

Part VII Consumer Law Developments

20. Canadian Perspectives on the Challenges of Consumer Bankruptcies
Jacob S. Ziegel

21. A European Concept of Consumer Rights: Some Reflections on Rethinking Community Consumer Law
Norbert Reich

22. Saying Nothing with Words
Anthony J. Duggan

23. Comparative Publicity in the Honduran Commercial Code and Consumer Protection Law
Dr Laureano F. Gutiérrez Falla


“I recommend this book for the thinkers and makers of policy, as well as those practitioners who wish to hone their working knowledge of trends in private international law.” –  Martin Odams de Zylva, The Journal of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators

“…a mine of useful analysisIt can be recommended without reservation.” –  Gerard McCormack, Law Quarterly Review

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