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New York Convention

Article-by-Article Commentary

Editor(s): Reinmar Wolff
Media of New York Convention
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Published: 14-11-2019
Format: Hardback
Edition: 2nd
Extent: 752
ISBN: 9781509923854
Imprint: Beck/Hart
Dimensions: 234 x 156 mm
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Loren Epson

About New York Convention

The New York Convention is the most successful (and most important) treaty in the field of international trade law. This commentary provides a comprehensive in-depth discussion of the Convention's sixteen articles while outlining and contributing the expert opinions of the authors to the contemporary global discourse surrounding each. The first edition has not only become a respected point of reference for legal professionals and academics, but has also been drawn upon by courts around the world. The second edition brings the treatise up to date and reflects the most recent developments. Its target group includes lawyers, in-house counsel, judges, and academics.

Table Of Contents

Preliminary Remarks (Liebscher)
Article I. [Scope of Application] (Ehle)
Article II. [Recognition of Arbitration Agreements]
Article II(1), (2) (Wolff)
Article II(3) (Wilske/Fox)
Article III. [Recognition and Enforcement of Arbitral Awards; General Rule] (Scherer)
Article IV. [Formal Requirements for Recognition and Enforcement of Arbitral Awards] (Scherer)
Article V. [Grounds for Refusal of Recognition and Enforcement of Arbitral Awards]
Article V General (Borris/Hennecke)
Article V(1)(a) (Wilske/Fox)
Article V(1)(b) (Scherer)
Article V(1)(c) (Borris/Hennecke)
Article V(1)(d) (Borris/Hennecke)
Article V(1)(e) (Liebscher)
Article V(2)(a) (Quinke)
Article V(2)(b) (Wolff)
Article VI. [Adjournment; Security] (Liebscher)
Article VII. [Other Enforcement Regimes] (Quinke)
Article VIII. [Signing and Ratifying the Convention] (Kölbl)
Article IX. [Accession] (Kölbl)
Article X. [Extension to Other Territories] (Kölbl)
Article XI. [Federal or Non-Unitary States] (Kölbl)
Article XII. [Coming into Force] (Kölbl)
Article XIII. [Denunciation] (Kölbl)
Article XIV. [Avail Against Other Contracting States] (Kölbl)
Article XV. [Notifications] (Kölbl)
Article XVI. [Official Languages; Transmission of Copies] (Kölbl)
I. Text of the New York Convention in Authentic Languages
Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards
Convention pour la reconnaissance et l'exécution des sentences arbitrales étrangères
Convención sobre el Reconocimiento y la Ejecución de las Sentencias Arbitrales Extranjeras
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II. Status of the New York Convention (Contracting States, Dates, Reservations and Declarations)
III. UNCITRAL Recommendation
IV. Travaux Préparatoires
1. New York Convention
2. UNCITRAL Recommendation
V. Complementing Conventions
1. Geneva Protocol
2. Geneva Convention
3. European Convention
4. Panama Convention
Table of Cases and Awards


“This commentary is an important in-put into the field of arbitration, because only a uniform interpretation of the provisions of the convention gives an adequate answer to whether there are grounds to refuse enforcement and recognition of a particular award…

a great asset to students and young professionals involved in the field of international commercial arbitration and dealing with recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitral awards.

” –  Yaroslava Sorokhtey, Association for International Arbitration Newsletter, 'In Touch'

“With this new commentary,…both practitioners and academics alike are now provided with an up-to-date, comprehensive and reliable analysis of the legal issues involved in recognizing and enforcing arbitral awards under the New York Convention…Reviewing the problems I encountered with the New York Convention during the last years, I have not found one where this commentary would not have been helpful in providing a well-argued proposal for its solution or at least valuable references to case law or other literature…an important and valuable up-to-date work of reference, which is indispensable for anyone having to deal with the Convention on more than a superficial level.” –  Dennis Solomon, European Yearbook of International Economic Law

“...a most impressive, useful, and authoritative work. All of the chapters in the Commentary provide detailed and clear explanations of issues arising in respect to both legal and practical issues under the Convention.” –  Margaret L Moses, The American Journal of International Law

“It definitely belongs into the library of all professionals who deal with international arbitration and the recognition and enforcement of arbitral awards.” –  Georg Von Segesser, Association Suisse de l'Arbitrage Bulletin

“... a welcome addition to the arbitration practitioner's library. It is thoroughly researched, well written, and sensibly organized, a superb and much-needed addition to the field.” –  Doak Bishop and Sara McBrearty, Arbitration International

“It deserves a place not only on the bookshelves of the libraries of law firms and universities, but also on the desk of every international arbitration practitioner as the reference book of choice.” –  Volker Triebel, Arbitration

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