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Non-State Actors in International Law

Editor(s): Math Noortmann, August Reinisch, Cedric Ryngaert
Media of Non-State Actors in International Law
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Published: 27-08-2015
Format: EPUB eBook (?)
Edition: 1st
Extent: 424
ISBN: 9781509901869
Imprint: Hart Publishing
Series: Studies in International Law
RRP: £49.49
Online price : £39.59
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About Non-State Actors in International Law

The role and position of non-state actors in international law is the subject of a long-standing and intensive scholarly debate. This book explores the participation of this new category of actors in an international legal system that has historically been dominated by states. It explores the most important issues, actors and theoretical approaches with respect to these new participants in international law. It provides the reader with a comprehensive and state-of-the-art overview of the most important legal and political developments and perspectives.

Relevant non-state actors discussed in this volume include, in particular, international governmental organisations, international non-governmental organisations, multinational companies, investors and armed opposition groups. Their legal position is considered in relation to specific issue-areas, such as humanitarian law, human rights, the use of force and international responsibility. The main legal theories on non-state actors' position in international law – neo-positivism, the policy-oriented approach and transnational law – are covered at the beginning of the book, and the essential political science perspectives – on non-state actors' role in international politics and globalisation, as well as their soft power – are presented at the end.

Table Of Contents

1. Introduction
Math Noortmann, Cedric Ryngaert, August Reinisch
Part I
2. Non-State Actors and the Social Practice of International Law
Jean d'Aspremont
3. Non-State Actors in International Law in Policy Perspective
Eisuke Suzuki
4. Transnational Law: Philip Jessup's Legacy and Beyond
Math Noortmann
Part II
5. Non-State Actors and the Use of Force
Christian Henderson
6. Non-State Actors Under International Humanitarian Law
Hans-Joachim Heintze and Charlotte Lülf
7. Non-State Actors and Human Rights
Manfred Nowak and Karolina Miriam Januszewski
8. State Responsibility and Non-State Actors
Cedric Ryngaert
Part III
9. International Governmental Organisations as Non-State Actors
Ramses A Wessel
10. Non-Governmental Organisations: Recognition, Roles, Rights and Responsibilities
Math Noortmann
11. Multinational Corporations in International Law
Jan Wouters and Anna-Luise Chané
12. Investors
August Reinisch
13. Armed Opposition Groups
Jordan J Paust
Part IV
14. Non-State Actors in International Relations: Actors, Processes, and an Agenda for Multifaceted Dialogue Markus Kornprobst
15. Non-State Actors and Soft Power
Alan Chong
16. Non-State Actors and Globalisation: A Paradigm for a Decentred World?
Barrie Axford
17. Concluding Observations
Cedric Ryngaert, Math Noortmann and August Reinisch

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