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Parliament and the Law

Editor(s): Alexander Horne, Gavin Drewry
Media of Parliament and the Law
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Published: 22-02-2018
Format: EPUB eBook (?)
Edition: 1st
Extent: 416
ISBN: 9781509908721
Imprint: Hart Publishing
Series: Hart Studies in Constitutional Law
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About Parliament and the Law

Parliament and the Law (Second Edition) is an edited collection of essays, supported by the UK's Study of Parliament Group, including contributions by leading constitutional lawyers, political scientists and parliamentary officials. It provides a wide-ranging overview of the ways in which the law applies to, and impacts upon, the UK Parliament, and it considers how recent changes to the UK's constitutional arrangements have affected Parliament as an institution. It includes authoritative discussion of a number of issues of topical concern, such as: the operation of parliamentary privilege, the powers of Parliament's select committees, parliamentary scrutiny, devolution, English Votes for English Laws, Members' conduct and the governance of both Houses. It also contains chapters on financial scrutiny, parliamentary sovereignty, Parliament and human rights, and the administration of justice. Aimed mainly at legal academics, practitioners, and political scientists, it will also be of interest to anyone who is curious about the many fascinating ways in which the law interacts with and influences the work, the constitutional status and the procedural arrangements of the Westminster Parliament.

Table Of Contents

1. Introduction
Alexander Horne and Gavin Drewry
Part 1: Privilege, Exclusive Cognisance and Conduct
2. Privilege, Exclusive Cognisance and the Law
Paul Evans
3. The Law and the Conduct of Members of Parliament
Richard Kelly, Matthew Hamlyn and Oonagh Gay

Part 2: Parliament: Select Committees and Internal Arrangements
4. The Governance of Parliament
Ben Yong
5. Select Committees: Powers and Functions
Christopher Johnson
6. Relationship between the Two Houses
Lord Norton and Lucinda Maer
7. Public Legal Information and Law-making in Parliament
Jack Simson Caird

Part 3: Devolution and the English Question
8. Devolution and the UK Parliament
Sir Paul Silk
9. 'English Votes for English Laws'
Liam Laurence Smyth

Part 4: Rights, Justice and Scrutiny
10. Parliament and Human Rights
Alexander Horne and Megan Conway
11. Parliamentary Accountability for the Administration of Justice
Gavin Drewry
12. Parliament and the Courts: A Pragmatic (or Principled) Defence of the Sovereignty of Parliament
Dawn Oliver
13. Financial Control and Scrutiny
Colin Lee and Phil Larkin
14. Parliamentary Scrutiny of Delegated Legislation
Adam Tucker


The book is immensely readable and provides the reader with a broad perspective on the relationship between Parliament and the law.
” –  Chris Monaghan, Legal Studies, Volume 34, Number 2

The breadth of this book is readily apparent, and the detail highly impressive - Parliament and the Law will be a very valuable resource for academics, officials, practitioners , and others keen to understand the intricate nature of the issues here covered.” –  Michael Gordon, Cambridge Law Journal, Volume 73, Issue 3

“Altogether the book provides thorough and insightful analysis for students, academics and practitioners.” –  Theo Pembroke, The Table

“[T]he second edition of Parliament and the Law, in competently exploring and critiquing recent developments in relation to the Westminster Parliament across a wide range of topics, helps to lift the veil on this ancient and mysterious institution. The changes from the first edition, both in terms of content and contributors, demonstrates a strong commitment on the part of the editors to address new developments both expertly and directly.” –  Robert Brett Taylor, University of Aberdeen, Edinburgh Law Review

“The collection of essays is invaluable to the legal fraternity and parliamentarians around the world and the book must find a place in libraries and book shelves.” –  Dr KN Chaturvedi, Advocate Supreme Court of India, New Delhi, Statute Law Review

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