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Patent Enforcement Worldwide

Writings in Honour of Dieter Stauder

Editor(s): Christopher Heath
Media of Patent Enforcement Worldwide
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Published: 19-11-2015
Format: PDF eBook (?)
Edition: 1st
Extent: 640
ISBN: 9781782259756
Imprint: Hart Publishing
RRP: £108.00
Online price : £86.40
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About Patent Enforcement Worldwide

This book features 15 country reports on the patent enforcement practice of the world's most litigated countries in Europe, Asia and the Americas. Litigation strategies for both right owners and alleged infringers are explained against the background of case law on: types of action, standing to sue, jurisdiction, obtaining evidence, provisional and final measures, trial practice, types of infringement, remedies and counterclaims, costs and issues of retrial, threats and wrongful enforcement. Special chapters cover the Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Agreement provisions on enforcement, enforcement issues in the European Community, international cross-border litigation and border measures.

The reports are written by patent practitioners or academic experts in the field, and the homogenous structure of the country reports allows for an easy identification of best practices and strategic considerations on the choice of jurisdiction.

Table Of Contents

Part A: Patent Enforcement in International Agreements
1. Comparative Overview and the TRIPS Enforcement Provisions
Christopher Heath and Thomas F Cotter
Part B: Patent Enforcement in Europe
2. The European Union: Jurisdiction, Cross-border-Cases, Enforcement Directive and Unified Patent Court
Tilman Müller-Stoy and Jörg Wahl
3. Patent Enforcement in the United Kingdom
Christopher Rennie-Smith
4. Patent Enforcement in Germany
Christian Osterrieth
5. Patent Enforcement in France
Isabelle Romet, Amandine Métier and Dora Talvard
6. Patent Enforcement in the Netherlands
Jan J Brinkhof and Anselm Kamperman Sanders
7. Patent Enforcement in Italy
Giovanni Casucci
8. Patent Enforcement in Poland
Janusz Fiolka
9. Patent Enforcement in Switzerland
Fritz Blumer
10. Patent Enforcement in Turkey
Türkay Alica
Part C: Patent Enforcement in Asia
11. Patent Enforcement in China
Thomas Pattloch
12. Patent Enforcement in Taiwan
Ming-Yan Shieh and Su-Hua Lee
13. Patent Enforcement in Japan
Christopher Heath
14. Patent Enforcement in Korea
Byungil Kim
15. Patent Enforcement in India
Hemant Singh
Part D: Patent Enforcement in the Americas
16. Patent Enforcement in the United States
Timothy Maloney
17. Patent Enforcement in Brazil
Filipe Fischmann
18. Patent Enforcement in Argentina
Mónica Witthaus
Part E: International and Comparative Issues
19. The Extraterritorial Enforcement of Patent Rights
Marketa Trimble
20. Border Measures in Europe, Japan and the US
Anja Petersen-Padberg


“With the cover dedication, "in Honour of Dieter Stauder", Patent Enforcement Worldwide is the third edition of Hart Publishing's country reports on patent enforcement practices and litigation strategies. This edition offers coverage of the implementation of the European Enforcement Directive and preparation for the Unified Patent Court.” –  Nicola Searle, The IPKat

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