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Patterns of Regionalism and Federalism

Lessons for the UK

Editor(s): Jörg Fedtke, Basil S Markesinis
Media of Patterns of Regionalism and Federalism
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Published: 27-01-2006
Format: PDF eBook (?)
Edition: 1st
Extent: 320
ISBN: 9781847312006
Imprint: Hart Publishing
Series: Clifford Chance Lectures
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Loren Epson

About Patterns of Regionalism and Federalism

Federalism remains a highly contentious issue in the United Kingdom, but however suspect the 'F' word may be, a substantial amount of devolution has already become part of the local landscape and more may yet follow. With the competence for a number of policies thus shifting from Westminster to Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, and in future perhaps even within England itself, foreign experience with federal and regional structures becomes a valuable source of ideas. In a series of contributions, distinguished experts from a wide range of legal systems including Canada, the United States, Germany, South Africa and the European Union present their experience, criticisms, and views concerning, inter alia, the distribution of power, judicial review and human rights protection in federalised and regionalised states. The book contains the papers from a conference jointly organised by the Institute of Global Law (UCL) and the Institute of Transnational Law (The University of Texas at Austin).

Table Of Contents


1. The Italian Variant of Federalism
Professor Dr Giovanni Grottanelli de'Santi

2. Flexible Federalism: The Canadian Way
Justice Allen M Linden

3. Regionalism in a Political Constitution: The United Kingdom Experience
Professor Dawn Oliver

4. The European Union: Towards a New Form of Federalism?
Jean-Claude Piris


5. Human Rights in a Federal System
Dr Jörg Fedtke

6. Regionalism and the Sovereignty of Nations: Implications for the Protection of Human Rights
Justice Richard Goldstone

7. Protecting Liberty in a Federal System: The US Experience
Professor Douglas Laycock

8. Judicial Federalism and the European Court of Justice
Professor Takis Tridimas


9. Federalism and Redistribution: Lessons from the American Experience
Professor Lynn A Baker

10. State Liability as European ius commune: The Case of the European Economic Area
Professor Dr Carl Baudenbacher

11. Federalism in Germany
Professor Dr Wolfgang Hoffman-Riem

12. Is Secession the Achilles Heel of 'Strong' Federalism?
Professor Sanford Levinson

13. Europe of the Regions: Work in Progress
The Rt Hon. Lord Robert Maclennan

14. Local Autonomies, Regionalism and Federalism in the Italian Experience
Professor Cesare Mirabelli

15. What British Devolutionaries Should Know about American Federalism
Professor Ernest A Young

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