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Permanent States of Emergency and the Rule of Law

Constitutions in an Age of Crisis

By: Alan Greene
Media of Permanent States of Emergency and the Rule of Law
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Published: 05-04-2018
Format: PDF eBook (?)
Edition: 1st
Extent: 208
ISBN: 9781509906178
Imprint: Hart Publishing
Series: Hart Studies in Security and Justice
RRP: £31.50
Online price : £25.20
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About Permanent States of Emergency and the Rule of Law

Permanent States of Emergency and the Rule of Law explores the impact that oxymoronic 'permanent' states of emergency have on the validity and effectiveness of constitutional norms and, ultimately, constituent power. It challenges the idea that many constitutional orders are facing permanent states of emergency due to the 'objective nature' of threats facing modern states today, arguing instead that the nature of a threat depends upon the subjective assessment of the decision-maker. In light of this, it further argues that robust judicial scrutiny and review of these decisions is required to ensure that the temporariness of the emergency is a legal question and that the validity of constitutional norms is not undermined by their perpetual suspension. It does this by way of a narrower conception of the rule of law than standard accounts in favour of judicial review of emergency powers in the literature, which tend to be based on the normative value of human rights. In so doing it seeks to refute the fundamental constitutional challenge posed by Carl Schmitt: that all state power cannot be constrained by law.

Table Of Contents

1. The Ideal State of Emergency
2. The Permanent State of Emergency
3. Permanent States of Emergency and Constituent Power
4. Permanent States of Emergency and Legal Black Holes
5. Permanent States of Emergency and Legal Grey Holes
6. Alternatives to Constitutional States of Emergency
7. Resisting the Permanent State of Emergency


“Greene's is a timely book addressing issues which so obviously affect legal systems across the world. It is theoretically robust. It is intellectually honest and willing to engage with counter-positions. It sets a challenge and rises to it.” –  Fergal Davis, King's College, London, The Irish Jurist

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