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Privacy Injunctions and the Media

A Practice Manual

By: Iain Goldrein
Media of Privacy Injunctions and the Media
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Published: 13-04-2012
Format: Hardback
Edition: 1st
Extent: 1220
ISBN: 9781849462846
Imprint: Hart Publishing
RRP : £195.00

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Loren Epson

About Privacy Injunctions and the Media

A string of high profile law suits has drawn attention to a rapidly developing and controversial branch of media law – the use of privacy injunctions to restrain publication of information relating to the private lives of individuals. The purpose of this book is to set out the law relating to privacy injunctions, and best practice in relation to seeking or opposing this form of relief.

Such best practice is targeted not just at litigators. This book is aimed also at journalists who are the watchdogs of the freedoms of our society, and other organs of the media.

The text is broken down into easily manageable sections, with numerous check-lists and quality control protocols. Applications in the Queen's Bench Division (including personal injury), Family Division (including the President's “Media guidance” and “Reporting Restriction Orders”) and “harassment” are covered, together with a “journalists' check-list”.

The book reflects the agenda (included in the foreword to the book) set by Lord Neuberger's Report of 2011 (“Report of the Committee on Super-Injunctions”).

Table Of Contents

Part 1 Primary source material and legal principles
Part 2 Applicant practice management: Article 6 derogations from open justice
Part 3 The interaction of Articles 8 and 10
Part 4 Proportionality
Part 5 Practice principles underpinning an Article 8 application
Part 6 Case management for Article 8 applications
Part 7 Applicant proceedings checklist up to (but not including) service
Part 8 Service checklist for applicants
Part 9 Defence practice points in response to an Article 8 application
Part 10 Quality control checklist for the courtroom
Part 11 Journalist's checklist
Part 12 Harassment and the media
Part 13 Derogation from open justice and claims by children for approval of large personal injury awards
Part 14 Reporting restriction orders in the Family Division
Part 15 Template model statement
Part 16 Mediation
Part 17 Practice Guidance: Interim Non-Disclosure Orders
Part 18 Examples of orders from the cases (and a model notice of application)
Part 19 Civil Procedure Rules
Part 20 Codes of Practice
Part 21 Key words highlighted in the Case Digest (and specifically indexed)
Part 22 Case Digest

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