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Relating to Responsibility

Essays in Honour of Tony Honoré on his 80th Birthday

Editor(s): Peter Cane, John Gardner
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Published: 24-10-2001
Format: PDF eBook (?)
Edition: 1st
Extent: 260
ISBN: 9781847310279
Imprint: Hart Publishing
RRP: £81.00
Online price : £64.80
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Loren Epson

About Relating to Responsibility

The essays in this volume,written by eight of the world's leading legal theorists and philosophers, began life as papers presented at seminars (held in Canberra and New York) devoted to the ideas of Tony Honoré, who is one of the most important legal thinkers of his generation. The focus is on issues dealt with in Honoré's recent book, Responsibility and Fault (1999), including determinism and luck, causation, outcome responsibility, and the morality of strict liability. Honoré's book, and these essays, discuss fundamental questions about the relationship between moral and legal responsibility. They explore the contribution that the philosophy of action and of mind can make to understanding the law.

Table Of Contents

1. Responsibility and self-control
Michael Smith

2. The capacity to have done otherwise: an agent-centred view
Philip Pettit

3.Private law and private narratives
Arthur Ripstein

4. Honoré on responsibility for outcomes
Stephen R. Perry

5. Responsibility and fault: a relational and functional approach to responsibility
Peter Cane

6. Obligations and outcomes in the law of torts
John Gardner

7. Unpacking “causation”
Jane Stapleton

8. Private law: between visionaries and bricoleurs
William Lucy

9. Appreciations and responses
Tony Honoré


“The contributors' essays represent, in my view, a catalogue of one of the best examinations 'by committee' on an aspect of the work of a single scholar.
The review essays are splendidly written, intellectually engaging with absolutely no punches pulled.
All of them however, demonstrate a rare combination of humility and rigor in their assessment of his work showing a great deal of respect for his exceptional passion for the most demanding subject, as so many others have done before.

” –  Marc-Georges Pufong, Valdosta State University, The Law and Politics Book Review

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