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Responsibility and Fault

By: Antony M. Honoré
Media of Responsibility and Fault
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Published: 01-06-1999
Format: PDF eBook (?)
Edition: 1st
Extent: 176
ISBN: 9781847312310
Imprint: Hart Publishing
RRP: £21.59
Online price : £17.27
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About Responsibility and Fault

These highly original essays develop themes implicit in Herbert Hart and the author's 'Causation in the Law', 2nd ed. 1985;. Why should we be held responsible for the harm we cause? Honoré; proposes a theory of responsibility, 'outcome responsibility', according to which, to be responsible, it is sufficient to have intervened in the world. To act and to be responsible is to assume certain risks, so that responsibility can be a matter of luck rather than fault or merit. Whether responsibility carries with it moral blame or legal liability is an important but secondary question. With the help of this theory he explains the moral basis of strict liability and of tort law in general; shows when there is a moral difference between positive acts and omissions; and indicates the extent to which the circumstances that cause a wrongdoer to do wrong should affect his responsibility.

Table Of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Responsibility and Luck. The Moral Basis of Strict Liability
3. Are Omissions less Culpable?
4. The Morality of Tort Law – Questions and Answers
5. Necessary and Sufficient Conditions in Tort Law
6. Being Responsible and Being a Victim of Circumstance
7. APPENDIX: Can and Can't


“Honore is never less than interesting and provocative. This splendid collection of essays can be strongly recommended to anyone interested in legal philosophy or in the moral dimensions of agency and responsibility; it also offers to those who are not familiar with Honore's work a useful introduction to his approach and to some of the central themes of his work in legal theory.” –  R.A. Duff, University of Stirling, Philosophical Quarterly

“...marvellous collection of essays.” –  William Lucy, Professional Negligence

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