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Security and International Law

Editor(s): Mary E Footer, Julia Schmidt, Nigel D White, Lydia Davies-Bright
Media of Security and International Law
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Published: 18-10-2018
Format: Paperback
Edition: 1st
Extent: 448
ISBN: 9781509924752
Imprint: Hart Publishing
Series: Studies in International Law
Dimensions: 234 x 156 mm
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Loren Epson

About Security and International Law

Of the many challenges that society faces today, possibly none is more acute than the security of ordinary citizens when faced with a variety of natural or man-made disasters arising from climate and geological catastrophes, including the depletion of natural resources, environmental degradation, food shortages, terrorism, breaches of personal security and human security, or even the global economic crisis. States continue to be faced with a range of security issues arising from contested territorial spaces, military and maritime security and security threats relating to energy, infrastructure and the delivery of essential services. The theme of the book encompasses issues of human, political, military, socio-economic, environmental and energy security and raises two main questions. To what extent can international law address the types of natural and man-made security risks and challenges that threaten our livelihood, or very existence, in the twenty-first century? Where does international law fall short in meeting the problems that arise in different situations of insecurity and how should such shortcomings be addressed?

Table Of Contents

Part I: Conceptions of Security and International Law
1. Security Agendas and International Law: The Case of New Technologies
Nigel D White
2. Human Security and International Law: The Potential Scope for Legal Development within the Analytical Framework of Security
Hitoshi Nasu
3. Human Security versus Environmental Security: At Legal Loggerheads
John Pearson
4. Regional Security and International Law
Julia Schmidt
5. International Criminal Justice and Security
Olympia Bekou
6. Security and International Law: The 'Responsibility to Protect'
Alexandra Bohm
Part II: Security Threats and International Law
7. International Law and the Iranian Nuclear Crisis: Lessons for International Security and Arms Control
Tom Coppen
8. Contemporary Maritime Piracy as a Threat to International Peace and Security
Alexandros XM Ntovas
9. Terrorism: A Threat to Security?
Lydia Davies-Bright
10. Abusive Governments as a Threat
Jure Vidmar
11. Protecting Security Interests in International Investment Law
Prabhash Ranjan
12. Securing the Polar Regions Through International Law
Jill Barrett
13. Climate Change as a Threat to International Security
Mattia Fosci
14. Cyber-Threats and International Law
Nicholas Tsagourias and Russell Buchan

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