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Sixty Years of European Integration and Global Power Shifts

Perceptions, Interactions and Lessons

Editor(s): Julien Chaisse
Media of Sixty Years of European Integration and Global Power Shifts
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Published: 06-02-2020
Format: EPUB eBook (?)
Edition: 1st
Extent: 520
ISBN: 9781509933730
Imprint: Hart Publishing
Series: Modern Studies in European Law
RRP: £38.69
Online price : £30.95
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Loren Epson

About Sixty Years of European Integration and Global Power Shifts

This book focuses on a review of how sixty years of case-law and regulatory activity transformed the European continent and the world. It provides a critical analysis of the key features of EU integration and how this integration is perceived (internally and externally). In this context, this book also explores the EU's interactions with a number of other countries and organisations with the objective of assessing the EU's role in global governance.

Table Of Contents

1. The European Union: Achievements, Ongoing Challenges
and Future Prospects
Julien Chaisse

2. The Rule of Law and Integration in the EU
Ian Forrester QC
3. The European Union as an Oxymoron: From Contest via Contradiction to Constitution?
Rostam J Neuwirth
4. The Social Dimension of the EU
Manfred Weiss
5. Geographical Scope and Diversity of EU Rules on Public Procurement
Trygve Ben Holland
6. Spatial Configurations of Welfare in the EU: The Case of Cross-border Healthcare
Irene Sobrino Guijarro
7. Godot is Finally Coming? The Great Convergence of Services Markets within the EU
Panagiotis Delimatsis
8. Government, Culture and Movies: In Search of a Common Understanding from a European Perspective
Susana de la Sierra

9. The European Union and Global Economic Governance: A Leader Without a Roadmap?
Jan Wouters and Akhil Raina
10. Lessons from European Constitutionalism for Reforming Multilevel Governance of Transnational Public Goods in Asia?
Ernst-Ulrich Petersmann
11. The EU's Civil Justice Policy Field: Perspectives for Asia?
Helen E Hartnell
12. Bilateralism in an Interregional World? From EU Negotiations with MERCOSUR to a Bilateral Strategic Partnership with Brazil
Katharina L Meissner
13. Reclaiming the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership through the EU–China Partnership and Cooperation Agreement: Taking Stock and Moving Forward
Chien-Huei Wu
14. Legalisation of International Economic Relations: Is Asia Unique?
Shintaro Hamanaka

15. Trade for All? Transparency in the EU's Common Commercial Policy
Fernando Dias Simões
16. Investor to State Dispute Settlement Mechanisms: A Comparison of Evolving Legal Approaches in Brazilian and Latin American Relations with the European Union
Daniele Bianchi and Kirstyn Inglis
17. The Rise of the RCEP: Regional Multilateralism and its Impact on the EU–China BIT
Olga Boltenko
18. The Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership: Intellectual Property Chapter, Research in Biotechnology and Price of Medicine with Lessons from the European Union
Sufian Jusoh
19. Geographical Indications in the EU, China and Australia: WTO Case Bottling Up Over Prosecco
Danny Friedmann
20. Indian Pharma Sector's Journey for the Innovation Panacea: Lessons from Negotiations wiTheU and RCEP
Debashis Chakraborty and Nilanjan Banik


“At present, it is impossible to investigate the law, politics and economy separately because they are so inter-entangled. This complexity is perfectly addressed the present edited volume (produced to celebrate 60 years of European integration) in which current legal issues are analysed along with legal challenges to the EU's role as a global actor and commercial policy as its crucial policy field … Overall, having met its own aims, the volume certainly deserves attention.” –  Journal of Common Market Studies

“At some 500 pages, Sixty Years of European Integration and Global Power Shifts is not a brief bedtime story. Yet its page range reflects one of the book's major strengths: its comprehensive nature, which has become so characteristic of Julien Chaisse's work. Another of Chaisse's fortes, to bring together a wide variety of people working on different aspects of a certain theme, is equally displayed in the book, which includes contributions from academics, legal practitioners (including arbitrators), policy advisors and consultants, and a judge of the Court of Justice of the European Union … These make Sixty Years of European Integration and Global Power Shifts especially valuable reading whilst a pandemic is raging through the world, stopping nearly all, but geopolitics.” –  Foreign Trade Review

“The variety of the topics covered and the overall clarity of presentation certainly make the work worthy of attention.” –  Martino Zulberti, Diritto del Commercio Internazionale (Bloomsbury translation)

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