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Spaces of Care

Editor(s): Loraine Gelsthorpe, Perveez Mody, Brian Sloan
Media of Spaces of Care
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Published: 16-04-2020
Format: EPUB eBook (?)
Edition: 1st
Extent: 256
ISBN: 9781509929641
Imprint: Hart Publishing
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Loren Epson

About Spaces of Care

The collection examines the ways in which the emerging interdisciplinary study of care provokes a reassessment of the connections and disjuncture between care and governance, ethics, and public, personal and professional identities.

Evolving from a project coordinated by the Cambridge Socio-Legal Group, Spaces of Care brings together leading international scholars to articulate what we may consider to be a useful analytic of care. Lawyers, anthropologists, sociologists and criminologists reflect on specific aspects of conceptualising caring relations in 'spaces'. These spaces include: communities of care and abandonment; self-care and kinship care; spaces as 'gaps' in care; the meanings of marketised care; and the ways in which care is constructed and constrained in different ways in venues such as homes, prisons, workplaces and virtual spaces.

Common themes include temporality (historical specificity) and the dynamics of care across time and place; subjectivity (including different experiences of care); the economies of care (including the commodification of care; public and private manifestations of care; privatised 'care'); disruptions of care (which generate vulnerabilities with regard to continuities of care); eligibility (those deemed to be deserving and undeserving of care); relationalities of care (collective and individual agency in caring relations, kinship care), and technologies and imaginaries of care (as in new notions of care forged by those in online virtual worlds such as Second Life).

Table Of Contents

1. Introduction: Spaces of Care: Concepts, Configurations, and Challenges
Loraine Gelsthorpe, Perveez Mody and Brian Sloan
2. Punishment and Care Reappraised
Rob Canton and Jane Dominey
3. Who Cares? Probation Practice and Privatisation
Jane Dominey and Loraine Gelsthorpe
4. Paradoxes of Care: Women in the Criminal Justice System in England and Wales
Loraine Gelsthorpe and Rob Canton
5. 'All Children are Our Children': Care and Kinship in Residential Children's Homes in the Russian Federation
Elena Khlinovskaya Rockhill
6. Re-imagining Cities as Spaces of Care – A Perspective from Street Homelessness
Helen Carr, Ed Kirton-Darling and Maria Fernanda Salcedo Repolês
7. Formal and Informal Care in the Public and Private Spheres in England and Australia
Brian Sloan
8. Care and the Workplace: The Dutch Approach to Part-time Work, Flexible Working Arrangements and Leave
Susanne Burri
9. Ethics of Care and Disability Rights: Complementary or Contradictory?
Jonathan Herring
10. Kinship Care
Perveez Mody
11. Home and Away: Mobility and Care in Botswana's Time of AIDS
Koreen M Reece
12. Witnessing, Containing, Holding? Th e German Social Welfare State (Sozialstaat) and People in Flight
John Borneman
13. The Ability of Place: Digital Topographies of the Virtual Human on Ethnographia Island
Tom Boellstorff


“I found the book amazingly insightful and expansive, providing me with intriguing insights into areas of study and worlds that I have not previously thought to include in studies of care.” –  Miriam E David, University College London, Journal of Social Welfare and Family Law

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