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Structural Principles in EU External Relations Law

Editor(s): Marise Cremona
Media of Structural Principles in EU External Relations Law
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Published: 22-02-2018
Format: Hardback
Edition: 1st
Extent: 336
ISBN: 9781782259978
Imprint: Hart Publishing
Dimensions: 234 x 156 mm
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Loren Epson

About Structural Principles in EU External Relations Law

The law and practice of EU external relations is governed not only by general objectives (Articles 3(5) and 21 TEU and Article 205 TFEU) and values (Article 2 TEU) but also by a set of principles found in the Treaties and developed by the Court of Justice, which structure the system, functioning and exercise of EU external competences. This book identifies a set of 'structural principles' as a legal norm-category governing EU external relations; it explores the scope, content and function of those principles that may be categorised as structural. With an ambitious scope, and a stellar line-up of experts in the field, the collection offers a truly innovative perspective on the role of law in EU external relations.

Table Of Contents

Part I: The Concept of Structural Principles
1. Structural Principles and their Role in EU External Relations Law
Marise Cremona
2. Structural Principles in EU Law: Internal and External
Loïc Azoulai
3. Enforcement of and Compliance with Structural Principles
Edoardo Chiti
Part II: Relational Principles
4. To Give or To Grab: The Principle of Full, Crippled and Split Conferral of Powers Post-Lisbon
Inge Govaere
5. Subsidiarity as a Structural Principle Governing the use of EU External Competences
Geert De Baere
6. Conferral, Cooperation and Balance in the Institutional Framework of EU External Action
Christophe Hillion
7. Pars Pro Toto: The Member States' Obligations of Sincere Cooperation, Solidarity and Unity
Joris Larik
8. The Principle of Transparency in EU External Relations Law: Does Diplomatic Secrecy Stand a Chance of Surviving the Age of Twitter?
Päivi Leino
9. The Rule of Law as a Relational Principle Structuring the Union's Action Towards its External Partners
Ilaria Vianello

Part III: Systemic Principles
10. 'Building Coherent EU Responses': Coherence as a Structural Principle in EU External Relations
Mireia Estrada Cañamares
11. The Search for Effectiveness and the Need for Loyalty in EU External Action
Anne Thies
12. The Principle of Autonomy: An Adolescent Disease of EU External Relations Law?
Jed Odermatt


“[T]his book is essential reading for researchers specialized in EU external relations law, who wish to investigate crucial questions relating to the specific nature of the EU external system, as well as for legal scholars trying to unravel the complexity of the EU's constitutional order, to which the rules governing its external relations clearly contribute.” –  Paula García Andrade, Common Market Law Review

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