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Studies in the History of Tax Law, Volume 1

Editor(s): John Tiley
Media of Studies in the History of Tax Law, Volume 1
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Published: 20-05-2004
Format: PDF eBook (?)
Edition: 1st
Extent: 432
ISBN: 9781847311405
Imprint: Hart Publishing
Series: Studies in the History of Tax Law
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Loren Epson

About Studies in the History of Tax Law, Volume 1

This work contains the full text of the papers given at the first Tax Law History Conference in Cambridge in September 2002 and organised by the Cambridge Law Facultys Centre for Tax Law. The papers ranged widely from the time of King John to the 20th century,from Tudor Englands Statute of Wills to the American taxes on slaves, from Hong Kong, Australia and Israel. The sources ranged from the Public Record office to the bowels of Somerset House. The topics ranged from the tax base through tax administration to tax policy making as well as providing detailed accounts of the UKs remittance basis of taxation and the Excess Profits Duty of the First World War.

All students of tax law and tax history will want to read these papers by an international team of leading scholars in tax law and history.

Table Of Contents


1. What is Income?
Martin Daunton

2. Taxing Foreign Income from Pitt to the Tax Law Rewrite – The Decline of the Remittance Basis
John Avery Jones, CBE

3. Income Tax Tribunals: Their Influence and Place in the Victorian Legal System
Chantal Stebbings

4. Aspects of Schedule A
John Tiley


5. Excess Profits Duty
Philip Ridd

6. Deliberations over Taxing Capital Gains – The Position up to 1955
David Stopforth

7. The Evolution of UK Tax Legislation for Employee Share Ownership Plans
Peter Casson

8. What's in a Name?
JDB Oliver


9. John Lackland: A Fiscal Re-evaluation
Jane Frecknall Hughes and Lynne Oats

10. Estate Planning in Early-Modern England: 'Having' in the Statute of Wills 1540
Neil Jones

11. Stamp Duty, Propaganda and the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars
Lynne Oats and Pauline Sadler

12. Slave Taxes
Kevin Outterson


13. The Chicken or the Egg? A Historical Review of the Influence of Tax Administration on the Development of Income Tax Law in Australia
Cynthia Coleman and Margaret McKerchar

14. The Long and Winding Road: A Century of Centralisation in Australian Tax
Rodney Fisher and Jacqueline McManus

15. Formalism and Israeli Anti-Avoidance Doctrines in the 1950s and 1960s
Assaf Likhovski

16. Tax Reform in Hong Kong in the 1970s: Sincere Failure or Successful Charade?
Michael Littlewood


“They [the sixteen papers] are all, in their quite different ways, a good read, and they all provoke a desire to know more…John Tiley, and Louise Tee, to whom this volume is dedicated, are to be congratulated on organising the Conference on whose proceedings it is based, and it is to be hoped, and expected, that many more will follow.” –  Roger Kerridge, Journal of Legal History, Vol. 26, Issue 3, pg 375-377

“This book is an interesting addition to the tax debate. It provides some remarkable insights into the historical antecedents of the tax system under which we labour today...” –  Emer Hunt, The Irish Jurist, Vol XL

“These studies in history of tax laws and policies, their design and development, structure and administration, intended and unintended effects, not only enlightens and informs, sometimes even entertains, but also provides a comparative resource for recurrent issues.” –  Mr Howard Alexander, Queensland Supreme Court History Programme Yearbook

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