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Studying Scots Law

By: Megan Dewart, Hector MacQueen
Media of Studying Scots Law
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Published: 14-10-2016
Format: PDF eBook (?)
Edition: 5th
Extent: 256
ISBN: 9781784513412
Imprint: Bloomsbury Professional
RRP: £30.60
Online price : £27.54
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About Studying Scots Law

Studying Scots Law provides a highly readable account of the educational and training requirements for entry into the Scottish legal profession and provides essential information on law courses throughout Scotland as well as giving useful advice on study skills. Studying Scots Law provides law students with an invaluable source of reference throughout their studies.

Contents includes:
The Scottish Legal System - the law in Scotland;
The Scottish Legal Profession;
Entering the Profession - Courses;
The university stage;
Alternatives to the law degree;
The Diploma in Legal Practice;
Professional Training;
Continuing legal education;
Lectures, tutorials and seminars;
Private study;
Researching the law;
Essays and examinations;
Homily and epilogue;

Table Of Contents

1 The Law in Scotland
2 The Scottish Legal Profession
3 Courses
4 The University Stage
5 Alternatives to the Law Degree
6 The Diploma in Professional Legal Practice
7 Professional Training
8 Continuing Legal Education
9 Lectures, Tutorials and Seminars
10 Private Study
11 Researching the Law
12 Essays and Examinations
13 Homily and Epilogue
Appendix 1 Useful Addresses
Appendix 2 BA Degrees in Law
Appendix 3 Funding
Appendix 4 Latin Words and Phrases
Appendix 5 Books
Appendix 6 Useful Diagrams
Appendix 7 Some Useful Websites

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