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Surrogate Motherhood

International Perspectives

Editor(s): Rachel Cook, Shelley Day Sclater Associate editor: Felicity Kaganas
Media of Surrogate Motherhood
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Published: 12-05-2014
Format: eBook (?)
Edition: 1st
Extent: 324
ISBN: 9781472562760
Imprint: Hart Publishing
RRP : £54.99

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About Surrogate Motherhood

This book is a multi-disciplinary collection of essays from leading researchers and practitioners,exploring legal, ethical, social, psychological and practical aspects of surrogate motherhood in Britain and abroad. It highlights the common themes that characterise debates across countries as well as exploring the many differences in policies and practices. Surrogacy raises questions for medical and welfare practitioners and dilemmas for policy makers as well as ethical issues of concern to society as a whole. The international perspective adopted by this book offers an opportunity for questions of law, policy and practice to be shared and debated across countries. The book links contemporary views from research and practice with broader social issues and bio-ethical debates.

The book will be of interest to an international audience of academics and their students (in law, social policy, reproductive medicine, psychology and sociology), practitioners (including doctors, counsellors, midwives and welfare professionals) as well as those involved in policy-making and implementation.

Table Of Contents

1. Introduction
Rachel Cooke,Shelley Day Sclater and Felicity Kaganas

2. Surrogacy Law in the United States: The Outcome of Ambivalence
Radhika Rao
3. Surrogacy in Israel: An Analysis of the Law in Practice
Rhona Schuz
4. The Policy and Practice of Surrogacy in New Zealand
Ken Daniels
5. Enigma Variations: Surrogacy, Rights and Procreative Tourism
Derek Morgan
6. Surrogacy and the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act
Martin H Johnson
7. Clinical Aspects of IVF Surrogacy in Britain
Peter Brinsden
8. Surrogacy and the Law in Britain: Users' Perspectives
Gena Dodd, COTS (Childlessness Overcome Through Surrogacy)
9. Ethical Issues in Surrogacy Arrangements
Melissa Lane

10. Psychological Assessment in 'Surrogate' Motherhood Relationships
Robert Edelmann
11. Surrogacy Arrangements in the USA: What Relationships do they Spawn?
Lita Linzer Schwartz
12. Safety in the Multitude of Counsellors: Do we Need Counselling in Surrogacy?
Rachel Cook
13. Emotional Aspects of Surrogacy: A Case for Effective Counselling and Support
Tim Appleton
14. The Gift of Life: Surrogate Motherhood, Gamete Donation and Constructions of Altruism
Heléna Ragoné
15. Paying for it? Surrogacy, Market Forces and Assisted Conception
Eric Blyth and Claire Potter
16. Legitimising Surrogacy in Israel: Religious Perspectives
Joseph Schenker
17. 'Knowing' the Surrogate Body in Israel
Elly Teman
18. Still Giving Nature a Helping Hand? Surrogacy: A Debate about Technology and Society
Marilyn Strathern


“An enlightening and absorbing book, it will be of interest to policy makers, practitioners and academics in various fields, including law, social policy, medicine and psychology.” –  ChildRIGHT

“It will be a helpful addition to University libraries, and will interest researchers, practitioners and policy makers as well as those working in areas such as family law, relationship counselling, and gender studies.” –  Carolyn Michelle, Infant and Child Development

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