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Temporary Labour Migration in the Global Era

The Regulatory Challenges

Editor(s): Joanna Howe, Rosemary Owens
Media of Temporary Labour Migration in the Global Era
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Published: 17-11-2016
Format: EPUB eBook (?)
Edition: 1st
Extent: 440
ISBN: 9781509906291
Imprint: Hart Publishing
Series: Oñati International Series in Law and Society
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Loren Epson

About Temporary Labour Migration in the Global Era

In the global era, controversies abound over temporary labour migration; however, it has not previously been subjected to a sustained socio-legal analysis on a comparative basis, critiquing the underpinning concepts conventionally accepted as fundamental in this area. This collection of essays aims to fill that void. Complex regulatory challenges arise from temporary labour migration. This collection examines these challenges and the extent to which temporary labour migration programmes can be ethical, equitable and efficacious and so deliver decent work for workers. Whilst the tendency for migration law to divide labour law's worker-protective mission has been observed before, the authors of the chapters comprising this collection seek not only to interrogate why and how this is so, but to go further in examining the implications and effects of a wide range of regulatory mechanisms on temporary labour migration.

Table Of Contents

Part I: Introduction
1. Temporary Labour Migration in the Global Era: The Regulatory Challenges
Joanna Howe and Rosemary Owens
Part II: Global Economic Integration and the Regulation of Temporary Labour Migration
2. Seasonal Workers and Intra-corporate Transferees in EU Law: Capital's Handmaidens?
Cathryn Costello and Mark Freedland
3. Temporary Labour Migration and the Trade in Services: European and Global Perspectives in an Age of
Economic Integration
Samuel Engblom, Nicola Kountouris and Åsa Odin Ekman
4. The Distinction Between Temporary Labour Migration and Posted Work in Austria: Labour Law versus Trade Law
Gudrun Biffl and Isabella Skrivanek
Part III: Temporary Labour Migration in Pursuit of Economic Efficiency
5. Employer Demand for 'Skilled' Migrant Workers: Regulating Admission Under the United Kingdom's
Tier 2 (General) Visa
Mimi Zou
6. Contesting the Demand-Driven Orthodoxy: An Assessment of the Australian Regulation of Temporary Labour Migration
Joanna Howe
Part IV: Temporary Labour Migration and the Production of Precarity
7. Migrant Domestic Workers in British Columbia, Canada: Unfreedom, Trafficking and Domestic Servitude
Judy Fudge
8. Why is Labour Protection for Temporary Migrant Workers so Fraught?: A Perspective from Australia
Joo-Cheong Tham, Iain Campbell and Martina Boese
Part V: Challenges in Realising Decent Work for Temporary Migrant Workers
9. Empowering Temporary Migrant Workers in Sweden: A Call for Unequal Treatment
Petra Herzfeld Olsson
10. Temporary Labour Migration and Modern Slavery
Virginia Mantouvalou
11. The Regulation of Temporary Immigration as Part of New Forms of the Supply Chain: Segmenting Labour
Rights For Workers
Julia López López
12. Regulating Temporariness in Italian Migration Law
Veronica Papa
Part VI: Contesting Temporariness: Status and the Social Effects of the Legal Regulation of Temporary Labour Migration
13. The Membership of Migrant Workers and the Ethical Limits of Exclusion
Alexander Reilly
14. Protecting the Rights of Temporary Migrant Workers: Ideals versus Reality
Martin Ruhs
Part VII: The Global Challenge of Temporary Labour Migration: Regulatory Responses and Possibilities
15. Roles for Workers and Unions in Regulating Labour Recruitment in Mexico
Jennifer Gordon
16. Decent Labour Standards in Corporate Supply Chains: The Immokalee Workers Model
James J Brudney
17. Reducing Worker-Paid Migration Costs
Philip Martin
18. Temporary Labour Migration and Workplace Rights in Australia: Is Effective Enforcement Possible?
Rosemary Owens


“[T]he collection does provide anyone with an interest in migration law and policy with a stimulating and sometimes provocative range of perspectives from different jurisdictions and disciplines.” –  James Gillespie, Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Law

“The book is written in a comprehensible manner and represents a significant enrichment of the discussion on temporary labour migration, a phenomenon that is ever more important... It is therefore recommended to a wide range of readers, especially those wishing to gain insight and advance their knowledge in this field, while being especially relevant for researchers, social partners and policymakers.” –  Primoz Rataj, University of Ljubljana, European Journal of Social Security

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