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The Art of Environmental Law

Governing with Aesthetics

By: Benjamin J Richardson
Media of The Art of Environmental Law
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Published: 12-12-2019
Format: EPUB eBook (?)
Edition: 1st
Extent: 336
ISBN: 9781509924615
Imprint: Hart Publishing
RRP: £35.99
Online price : £28.79
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About The Art of Environmental Law

Environmental law has aesthetic dimensions. Aesthetic values have shaped the making of environmental law, and in turn such law governs many of our nature-based sensory experiences. Aesthetics is also integral to understanding the very fabric of environmental law, in its institutions, procedures and discourses. The Art of Environmental Law, the first book of its kind, brings new insights into the importance of aesthetic issues in a variety of domains of environmental governance around the world, from climate change to biodiversity conservation. It also argues for aesthetics, and relatedly the arts, to be taken more seriously in the practice of environmental law so as to improve our emotional and ethical capacities to address the upheavals of the Anthropocene.

Table Of Contents

1. Environmental Aesthetics and Art
I. Taking Aesthetics Seriously
II. Outline of the Book
III. The Concept of the Aesthetic
IV. Environmental Aesthetics
V. Art and the Environment
VI. Leveraging Change
VII. Conclusion
2. Aesthetics and Environmental Law
I. Law and Aesthetics
II. The Making of Environmental Law
III. Environmental Policy Discourse
IV. Environmental Regulation
V. Nationalising Nature
VI. Conclusion 8
3. Governance Challenges
I. Orientation
II. Codifying Beauty
III. Competing Values
IV. Biased Aesthetics
V. Absent Aesthetics
VI. Art of Seduction

4. Vanquished Nature
I. Faking Nature
II. Domesticating Nature
III. Looks that Kill: Persecuting the Beautiful
IV. Museums for Nature's Relics
V. Out of Sight, Out of Mind
VI. Conclusion
5. Corporate Greenwashing
I. Orientation
II. Figurative CSR Discourse
III. Aesthetics and Corporate Communications
IV. Regulating Green Illusions
V. Conclusions
6. Ecological Restoration
I. Aesthetics of Nature's Damage and Recovery
II. Post-Mining Rehabilitation
III. Ecosystem Restoration
IV. Restorative Art
V. Conclusion
7. Climate Change
I. The Issues
II. Aesthetics and Climate Change
III. Climate Art and Activism
IV. Climate Change Mitigation
V. Climate Change Adaptation
VI. Climate Engineering

8. Critical Aesthetics
I. Law and Curating Aesthetics
II. Counter Aesthetics
III. Social Aesthetics
IV. Aesthetics of Engagement and Vulnerability
V. Adjudicating Aesthetics
VI. Ending


“If your senses require a break from the quotidian bad news about our planet, I recommend this delightful book about beauty and environmental law.” –  David Takacs, University of California Hastings College of the Law, Transnational Environmental Law

“Few law books have as many illustrations as this one, few draw together so many disparate strands and few inspire the reader to reflect as thoroughly on how deeply the way we think and act, and therefore how the law is shaped, is affected by perceptions of which we are usually at best only half-aware. It makes a persuasive case for paying more attention to aesthetics in thinking about the law.” –  Colin T Reid, University of Dundee, Scottish Planning and Environmental Law

“This is a work of both breadth and detail, and in producing it Richardson blends the vision of a landscape artist with the focus of a miniature painter … The Art of Environmental Law truly is an impressive work … This is a book that will support multiple readings, for its richness is lost in a single turn through its pages.” –  Emily Barritt, Journal of Environmental Law

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