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The Causes of War

Volume II: 1000 CE to 1400 CE

By: Alexander Gillespie
Media of The Causes of War
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Published: 01-12-2016
Format: Hardback
Edition: 1st
Extent: 280
ISBN: 9781849466455
Imprint: Hart Publishing
Dimensions: 244 x 169 mm
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About The Causes of War

This is the second volume of a projected five-volume series charting the causes of war from 3000 BCE to the present day, written by a leading international lawyer, and using as its principal materials the documentary history of international law, largely in the form of treaties and the negotiations which led up to them. These volumes seek to show why millions of people, over thousands of years, slew each other. In departing from the various theories put forward by historians, anthropologists and psychologists, Gillespie offers a different taxonomy of the causes of war, focusing on the broader settings of politics, religion, migrations and empire-building. These four contexts were dominant and often overlapping justifications during the first four thousand years of human civilisation, for which written records exist.

Table Of Contents

I. Introduction
1. The Conversation on Sunday Afternoon
2. Utopia
3. Facts
4. Casus Belli in Practice
5. Volume Two
II. The Eleventh Century
1. Introduction
2. The Struggle for Power in the First Fifty Years in Europe
3. The Muslim World in the First Half of the Eleventh Century
4. The Papacy in the First Half of the Eleventh Century
5. The Papacy in the Second Half of the Eleventh Century
6. The First Crusade
7. China
8. Conclusion
III. The Twelfth Century
1. Introduction
2. Monarchy, Thrones and Territory
3. The Throne of England
4. Wars between the Papacy and Empire
5. Non-Conformist Communities in Europe
6. Wars between Christianity and Islam
7. China
8. Conclusion
IV. The Thirteenth Century
1. Introduction
2. The Church
3. The Fourth Crusade
4. Non-Conforming Communities
5. Christian and Muslim Conflict
6. Frederick II
7. Following the End of the Hohenstaufen Line
8. England
9. The Mongolian Empire
10. The Three-Way Clash in the Middle East
11. Conclusion
V. The Fourteenth Century
1. Introduction
2. The Contest between Empire and Papacy
3. Central and Eastern Europe
4. England and her Neighbours
5. The Wars of Islam
6. The Last Nomadic Conqueror
7. China
8. Conclusion
VI. Conclusion
1. Migratory Forces
2. Monarchy
3. Politics
4. Religion

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