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The English Constitution

Myths and Realities

By: Ian Ward
Media of The English Constitution
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Published: 30-07-2004
Format: Paperback
Edition: 1st
Extent: 232
ISBN: 9781841134314
Imprint: Hart Publishing
Dimensions: 216 x 138 mm
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About The English Constitution

The English Constitution addresses two burning contemporary and complementary questions; one regarding the so-called English 'question', the changing identities of England and English-ness, and a second regarding the changing shape of the Anglo-British constitution. It is suggested that there are both internal and external pressures that are driving the reformation of our constitutional order. There are internal pressures of decay, even corruption, and popular apathy, and there are external pressures brought to bear by the geopolitical challenges of the new world order and the new Europe. The present 'project' of constitutional reform inaugurated by the present government is supposed to reflect these pressures. This book challenges this assumption, arguing that a far more radical re-constitution is required, involving: deeper institutional reforms (the most pressing being the abrogation of monarchy, and the established Church); geopolitical reforms to recast the devolutionary settlement and redefine English regionalism; and perhaps most importantly, conceptual reform, reform that will embrace the need to rebalance the constitution and to promote greater accountability and democracy.

It is intended that the book will provide a stimulating text for both academics and students; advancing a series of original ideas on a subject of considerable contemporary interest. Along the way it discusses most of the major topics, institutions and debates which are ordinarily addressed in public law courses, and equivalents in non-law disciplines.

Table Of Contents

1. The Old Boundaries
2. The Mask of Anarchy
3. Renaissance
4. England and its Empires
5. In Search of an English Constitution


“...The English Constitution is for the most part beautifully written and crafted. The use of language and the manner in which the mythical qualities of the British Constitution are described provides not just a lesson in British constitutional history but also in how to write an eloquent and engaging manner…a welcome and significant book.” –  Dr Matthew Flinders, Politcal Studies, Vol. 3; Issue 3; Pg 406;

“The work is stimulating, thoroughly well researched, and constitutes a sustained critique of current constitutional practice a refreshing departure from other texts dealing with public law...very likely to stimulate a great deal of public debate on the issues addressed a very useful, thought-provoking, addition to the discourse on public law in this country well worth a read.” –  Shivaji Felix, University of Colombo, Law Quarterly Review, Vol 121

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