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The European Monetary Union

A Commentary on the Legal Foundations

Editor(s): Helmut Siekmann
Media of The European Monetary Union
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Published: 16-12-2021
Format: Hardback
Edition: 1st
Extent: 1376
ISBN: 9781509918966
Imprint: Hart Publishing
Dimensions: 244 x 169 mm
RRP: £395.00
Online price : £355.50
Save £39.50 (10%)

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Loren Epson

About The European Monetary Union

This book provides a commentary on the law of the EU related to the Monetary Union. It contains a comprehensive analysis of all provisions of the Statute of the European System of Central Banks (ESCB) and the European Central Bank (ECB). In addition, the book also analyses all provisions of the Treaties themselves which regulate the ESCB and the ECB. This analysis is supplemented by commentaries on other Protocols which contain relevant rules for the Monetary Union. In essence, all relevant statutory rules governing the euro and its key monetary authority, the European Central Bank, are unfolded and explained in one volume. This gives the book a unique position in the legal literature on the law of the EU.

With contributions by renowned academics and practitioners, this book is an expanded and updated translation of the 2013 German commentary, EWU Kommentar zu Europäischen Währungsunion (Mohr Siebeck) and is an invaluable resource for practitioners and academics alike who are looking for a provision-by-provision commentary on the laws governing the European Monetary Union.

Table Of Contents


Part I – Treaty on European Union
Article 3 TEU (ex Article 2 TEU)
Article 13 TEU

Part II – Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union
Article 119 TFEU (ex Article 4 TEC)
Article 120 TFEU (ex Article 98 TEC)
Article 121 TFEU (ex Article 99 TEC)
Article 122 TFEU (ex Article 100 TEC)
Article 123 TFEU (ex Article 101 TEC)
Article 124 TFEU (ex Article 102 TEC)
Article 125 TFEU (ex Article 103 TEC)
Article 126 TFEU (ex Article 104 TEC)
Preliminary Notes on Articles 127 – 133 TFEU)
Article 127 TFEU (ex Article 105 TEC)
Article 128 TFEU (ex Article 106 TEC)
Article 129 TFEU (ex Article 107 TEC)
Article 130 TFEU (ex Article 108 TEC)
Article 131 TFEU (ex Article 109 TEC)
Article 132 TFEU (ex Article 110 TEC)
Article 133 TFEU (ex Article 111 TEC)
Article 134 TFEU (ex Article 112 TEC)
Article 135 TFEU (ex Article 113 TEC)
Article 136 TFEU (ex Article 114 TEC)
Article 137 TFEU
Article 138 TFEU (ex Article 111 Paragraph 4 TEC)
Article 139 TFEU
Article 140 TFEU (ex Article 121 TEC Paragraph 1, ex Article 122 TEC Paragraph 2 clause 2, ex Article 123 Paragraph 5 TEC)
Article 141 TFEU (ex Article 123 Paragraph 3 TEC, ex Article 117 Paragraph 2)
Article 142 TFEU (ex Article 214 Paragraph 1 TEC)
Article 143 TFEU (ex Article 119 TEC)
Article 144 TFEU (ex Article 120 TEC)
Article 219 TFEU (ex Article 111 Paragraph 1 – 3, 5 TEC)
Article 282 TFEU
Article 283 TFEU (ex Article 112 TEC)
Article 284 TFEU (ex Article 113 TEC)
Article 340 TFEU (ex Article 288 TEC)
Article 343 TFEU (ex Article 291 TEC)

Part III – Protocol (No. 4) on the Statute of the European System of Central Banks and of the European Central Bank
Article 1 Statute
Article 2 Statute
Article 3 Statute
Article 4 Statute
Article 5 Statute
Article 6 Statute
Article 7 Statute
Article 8 Statute
Article 9 Statute
Article 10 Statute
Article 11 Statute
Article 12 Statute
Article 13 Statute
Article 14 Statute
Article 15 Statute
Article 16 Statute
Preliminary Notes on Articles 17 – 24 Statute
Article 17 Statute
Article 18 Statute
Article 19 Statute
Article 20 Statute
Article 21 Statute
Article 22 Statute
Article 23 Statute
Article 24 Statute
Article 25 Statute
Article 26 Statute
Article 27 Statute
Preliminary Notes to Articles 28 – 33 Statute
Article 28 Statute
Article 29 Statute
Article 30 Statute
Article 31 Statute
Article 32 Statute
Article 33 Statute
Article 34 Statute
Article 35 Statute
Article 36 Statute
Article 37 Statute
Article 38 Statute
Article 39 Statute
Article 40 Statute
Article 41 Statute
Article 42 Statute
Article 43 Statute
Article 44 Statute
Article 45 Statute
Article 46 Statute
Article 47 Statute
Article 48 Statute
Article 49 Statute
Article 50 Statute

Part IV – Further Protocols
Protocol (No 12) on the Excessive Deficit Procedure
Protocol (No 13) on the Convergence Criteria
Protocol (No 14) on the Euro Group
Protocol (No 15) on Certain Provisions Relating to the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland
Protocol (No 16) on Certain Provisions Relating to Denmark
Protocol (No 17) on Denmark
Protocol (No 18) on France

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