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The European Union and Global Emergencies

A Law and Policy Analysis

Editor(s): Antonis Antoniadis, Robert Schütze, Eleanor Spaventa
Media of The European Union and Global Emergencies
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Published: 01-06-2011
Format: Hardback
Edition: 1st
Extent: 348
ISBN: 9781849460828
Imprint: Hart Publishing
Series: Modern Studies in European Law
Dimensions: 234 x 156 mm
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Loren Epson

About The European Union and Global Emergencies

This collection of essays analyses the European Union's involvement in global emergencies from a law and policy perspective. Bringing together leading academics and officials from the European Union institutions, the book offers an expert account of the theoretical and practical issues the EU faces when dealing with global emergencies. The subjects covered are highly topical and include the financial and debt crises, regional security and the fight against terrorism, public health and food scares, human trafficking and energy security.

Table Of Contents

Introduction: the European Union and Global Emergencies
Part I: The European Union and Global Emergencies: Constitutional Challenges
1 The EU and Global Emergencies: Competence and Instruments
Marise Cremona
2 Conflicts of Competence in Responding to Global Emergencies
Alan Dashwood
3 Constitutional Limits to Delegated Powers
Robert Schütze
Part II: The European Union and Global Emergencies: Thematic Challenges
4 The European Union and Peaceful Settlement of Disputes in its Neighbourhood: the Emergence of a New Regional Security Actor?
Steven Blockmans and Ramses A Wessel
5 Counter-terrorism and Fundamental Rights: Judicial Challenges and Legislative Changes after the Rulings in Kadi and PMOI
Eleanor Spaventa
6 The EU and Energy Security: a Critical Review of the Legal Issues
Peter D Cameron
7 The International Financial Crisis, Global Financial Governance and the European Union
Jan Wouters, Steven Sterkx and Tim Corthaut
8 Debt Crisis as a Global Emergency: the European Economic Constitution and other Greek Fables
Antonis Antoniadis
9 Securing Safety, Controlling Crises: Development and Misapplication of Food Law in the European Union
Caoimhín MacMaoláin
10 Food Safety at the WTO after Continued Suspension: a Paradigm Shift?
Alessandra Arcuri
11 The EU and Human Trafficking: Framing a Regional Response to a Global Emergency
Holly Cullen
Part III: The European Union and Global Emergencies: The Perspective of the Institutions
12 Common Security and Defence Policy Crisis Management Missions: an Effective Tool for EU Response to Emergencies
Gilles Marhic
13 The Constitutional Apparatus of the European Union: the Perspective of the European Commission
Eric White
14 The European Parliament and EU External Aid: Measures of Response to Emergency Situations
Daniela Gauci


“These papers are the most lively written and are fully on topic. And this is not an introduction to the usual lament on unevenness of collected papers: almost all contributions are self-consistent, scholarly, well annotated and present original research.” –  Wim Pelt, Law and Politics Book Review, Volume 23, Number 10

“[A] most welcome addition to this growing body of literature.
...the certainly to be recommended. Academics and practitioners will benefit from it. Through the lens of the 'emergency constitution' approach, the books offers a high standard of analysis of the main legal and also political challenges that the EU faces in addressing global emergencies. To be sure, the debate is far from being closed. New recent emergencies which involve the EU, such as the extension of debt risks to other EU Member States and the well-known changes of regime in some North African countries, prove that the topic, and the book under review, has never been so timely.
” –  Riccardo Sciaudone, European Foreign Affairs Review

“The collection ... makes a welcome contribution to a thin literature.” –  Urfan Khaliq, European Law Review, Volume 38

“ extremely comprehensive contribution to understanding this complex field!” –  Michel Theys, Agence Europe, No. 935

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