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The Fall of the Priests and the Rise of the Lawyers

By: Philip Wood
Media of The Fall of the Priests and the Rise of the Lawyers
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Published: 30-11-2017
Format: Paperback
Edition: 1st
Extent: 288
ISBN: 9781509920037
Imprint: Hart Publishing
Dimensions: 244 x 169 mm
RRP: £13.99
Online price : £12.59
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About The Fall of the Priests and the Rise of the Lawyers

This fast-paced, inspiring and original work proposes that the secular legal systems around the world provide an immeasurably bigger and more comprehensive moral regime to govern our lives than the religious codes. Backed by potent and haunting images the book states that the law, for all its faults, is the one universal ethical framework that everyone believes in and that the law is now by far the most important ideology we have for our survival.
The reach of the law extends not just to crime and the family, but also to vast realms relating, for example, to money, banks, tax and corporations and even securitisations and derivatives. The immense influence that the law has raises fundamental moral challenges.
The author explores the decline of religions and the huge growth of law and makes suggestions for the future of law and lawyers.
The innovative summaries of both the main religions and the central tenets of law worldwide provide useful insights into both the law and religions. The book will appeal to lawyers, economists, philosophers, scientists and many other specialities and is written for the general reader.
Written by one of the most important lawyers of our generation, this exciting and powerful new paperback is a major philosophical statement for our times as witnessed by its enthusiastic reception when first published in 2016.

Table Of Contents

1. The Questions
2. The Purpose of Morality and Law
3. The Past and the Future
4. What is Religion?
5. What is the Rule of Law?
6. The Families of Religion: Western Religions
7. The Families of Religion: Eastern Religions
8. The Families of Law
9. A Brief Tour of Secular Law
10. Money, Banks and Corporations
11. Secularisation and Religious Decline
12. Reasons for the Decline of Religiosity
13. Secularisation of Government
14. The Rise of the Lawyers
15. Who Rules the World: Lawyers or Economists?
16. What is Wrong with the Law?
17. Scientific Progress and the Law
18. A Way of Living
19. A Billion Years from Now


“a 'must read'….the book deserves enormous market success...” –  Robert McKay,

“…a startlingly original piece of work that deserves to be read far and wide…It will have us thinking and wondering…completely brilliant from start to finish.” –  Humphrey Keenlyside,

“…couldn't put it down… You have gathered together an amazing amount of fascinating information. That is why I must read it all again.” –  Tony Herbert, former managing partner of A&O,

“A most compelling read for all persons, not just lawyers or law students, concerned with the sustainability of our human race and of our planet earth. A true sui generis tour de force by one of the great international and comparative legal minds of our time, who sees law and the rule of law as the linchpin for grounding scientific rules/theories, relevant economic propositions and the spiritual searches ingrained in the great world religions.” –  Joe Norton, Amazon

“My hope is that Philip Woods' book will become mandatory reading in introductory law courses around the world, replacing the jaw-droppingly boring texts which accompany subjects such as 'Legal Institutions'” –  Peter Alexiadis, Business Law International

“I put “The Fall of the Priests and the Rise of the Lawyers” in the same class as H.L.A Hart's “The Concept of Law”. A ground breaking philosophical book of our time, and it is very readable. It sits on my shelf next to modern day philosophical classics such as Michael Oakeshott's “On History”, Noel Castree's “Social Nature", A.C.Grayling “The Age of Genius" and works by Michel Foucault.” –  Jon Fisher,

“In future decades and centuries, the law, rather than religion, will ensure humanity survives. This exciting proposition is explored in this unique and expansive work ... It is an impressive work, revealing the author's deep knowledge of the subject matter ... this fascinating book would be an excellent resource for any keen student of law and religion.” –  Mitchell Landrigan, Faculty of Law, University of Technology Sydney, Alternative Law Journal

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