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The Modernisation of EC Antitrust Law

By: Rein Wesseling
Media of The Modernisation of EC Antitrust Law
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Published: 19-10-2000
Format: PDF eBook (?)
Edition: 1st
Extent: 272
ISBN: 9781847311528
Imprint: Hart Publishing
Series: Studies in European Law and Integration
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About The Modernisation of EC Antitrust Law

In recent years European Community (EC) competition law has come under fire. Continued criticism of all aspects of the means by which EC competition law is enforced has brought to light ineffectiveness of the present system. Consequently the European Commission has responded by issuing the “White Paper on Modernisation”,which sets out its vision on the future of EC competition law.

This new book takes a step back, and tries to understand the current challenges to EC competition policy by examining the origins of the Community's competition law system. In the first part of the book the author sketches the development of Community competition law enforcement between the European Economic Community, established in 1958, and the European Union of today. Taking this dynamic perspective on EC competition law, the second part of the book addresses topical problems of EC competition policy; the pertinent objectives, the institutional framework, the division of jurisdiction between the Community and Member States, and decentralised enforcement of Community law. Notably, the author's conclusions diverge considerably from the analysis found in the Commission White Paper on Modernisation. The author proposes various alternative solutions to the existing problems which, arguably, fit better within the overall constitutional development of the Community than the solutions offered by the Commission. The book will be of interest to competition lawyers as well as to all those interested in the constitutional development of the European Community.

Table Of Contents

Part I. The Development of the Current System of EC Antitrust Law Enforcement
1 The Transformation of Community Antitrust Law Enforcement
2 The Transformation of the Community's Constitution

Part II. The Modernisation of EC Antitrust Law in Light of the General Development of EC Law
3 Objectives of EC Antitrust Law
4 The Division of Jurisdiction between EC and Member
5 Institutional Issues at the Central Level
6 Institutional Issues at the Decentral Leve



“Wesselings book provides timley food for thought. Wesseling has a more radical vision of modernisation than the Commission and he has produced an excellent, thought-provoking and stimulating book.” –  Brenda Sufrin, International and Comparative Law Quarterly

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