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The Settlement of International Disputes

Basic Documents

Editor(s): Christian J Tams, Antonios Tzanakopoulos
Media of The Settlement of International Disputes
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Published: 10-09-2012
Format: Paperback
Edition: 1st
Extent: 864
ISBN: 9781849463034
Imprint: Hart Publishing
Series: Documents in International Law
RRP: £64.99
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About The Settlement of International Disputes

This collection of documents brings together a large number of primary sources on the peaceful settlement of disputes in a usable and affordable format. The documents included reflect the diverse techniques of international dispute settlement, as recognised in Articles 2(3) and 33 of the UN Charter, such as negotiation, mediation, arbitration and adjudication. The book comprises the most relevant multilateral treaties establishing dispute settlement regimes, as well as examples of special agreements, compromissory clauses, optional clause declarations and relevant resolutions of international organisations. It covers both diplomatic and adjudicative methods of dispute settlement and follows a basic division between general dispute settlement mechanisms, and sectoral regimes in fields such as human rights, WTO law, investment, law of the sea, environmental law and arms control. The book is the first widely-available collection of key documents on dispute settlement. It is aimed at teachers, students and practitioners of international law and related disciplines.

Table Of Contents

Detailed Table of Contents
List of Documents in Chronological Order
1 Foundational Documents
2 Diplomatic Means
3 The International Court of Justice
4 Ad Hoc Inter-State Arbitration: the Permanent Court of Arbitration
5 Human Rights
6 Law of the World Trade Organization
7 Investment
8 Regional (and Sub-Regional) Integration
9 Law of the Sea
10 Environment
11 Disarmament, Arms Control, Non-Proliferation
12 The Aftermath of Crises


“…a unique digest that incorporates all the specialized legal documents and basic texts that one might need when engaging in international dispute settlement. This book is both useful and practical in that it helps practitioners and students alike to find relevant sources quickly, thereby saving time spent on research… a recommended resource especially for those who could do with a through, structured and concise handbook of the fundamental texts. The book is great for practitioners of justice, lawmakers, students or those who simply show interest in international dispute settlement.” –  Yaroslava Sorokhtey, Association for International Arbitration Newsletter, 'In Touch'

“ excellent collection of documents in the field of peaceful settlement of international disputes. It is a very useful work of reference for students and scholars studying international law and international dispute settlement, as well as for practitioners working in international fields.” –  Yoshifumi Tanaka, Cambridge Law Journal, Volume 72(1)

“...this collection could prove handy for...students or those who need finger-tip ready access to some of the basic texts and treaties forming the bases of international law.

The freely available nature of this material is by no means a reason not to publish such a collection.

” –  Timothy L. Foden, Transnational Dispute Management

“No substantive area of international dispute settlement has been left untouched, and one is left with the impression that a considered expertise has been brought to bear in the selection of the material. The reviewer-who spends a not inconsiderable amount of time engaged in a similar field-is happy to have this volume within arm's reach, and encourages others interested in the field to do the same.” –  Cameron Miles, Cambridge Journal of International & Comparative Law

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