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Values in Global Administrative Law

Editor(s): Gordon Anthony, Jean-Bernard Auby, John Morison, Tom Zwart
Media of Values in Global Administrative Law
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Published: 14-02-2011
Format: Hardback
Edition: 1st
Extent: 446
ISBN: 9781849460095
Imprint: Hart Publishing
Dimensions: 234 x 156 mm
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Loren Epson

About Values in Global Administrative Law

Global Administrative Law has recently emerged as one of the most important contemporary fields in public law scholarship. Concerned with developing fuller understandings of patterns in global governance, it represents one of the most insightful ways of viewing the multifarious forms of public power that now exist beyond the State.

The present collection brings together some of the leading scholars working in the field of global administrative law to address past and future challenges related to global governance. Each of the contributions picks up on the more general theme of the values that do or should inform global administrative law, and the book in this way provides a novel and thought-provoking commentary on this most engaging area of debate.

Values in Global Administrative Law will be of interest to public lawyers, social and political scientists and scholars of international relations. It will also be an invaluable resource for undergraduate and postgraduate courses that touch partly or exclusively on the challenges of global governance.

Table Of Contents

1. Introduction to the Collection
G Anthony, J-B Auby, J Morison, and T Zwart
2. A Global Due Process of Law?
S Cassese
3. Globalisation and Extraterritorial Regulation: An Unexceptional Exception
S Battini
4. Shared Administration and Networks: Global and EU Perspectives
P Craig
5. Principles of an International Order of Information
E Schmidt-Aßmann
6. Possible Controls Over the Bending of Regulatory Science
P Strauss
7. Accountability as a Value for Global Governance and Global Administrative Law
C Harlow
8. Would International Courts be Able to Fill the Accountability Gap at the Global Level?
T Zwart
9. The Place of Public Interest
J Morison and G Anthony
10. Public Goods and Global Administrative Law
J-B Auby
11. Global Citizenship and Global Legitimacy
L Ortega
12. Affirmative Action: A New Challenge for Equality
G Gerapetritis
13. Fundamental Rights in the Global and European Law Order
J Dutheil de la Rochère
14. Administrative Due or Fair Process: Different Paths in the Evolutionary Formation of a Global Principle and a Global Right
S Correia
15. Access to Justice, Legal Certainty, and Economic Rationality
A Gordillo
16. Processes of Transnationalisation of Administrative Values: Administrative Regulation and Transparency in the EU
F Goudappel and T van den Brink
17. Globalisation of Administrative Law-the European Experience
T Koopmans


“The book is very rich in thought-provoking contributions and a short review cannot hope to do justice to the variety of issues addressed.

With its many voices, viewpoints, perspectives, and factual information, the book under review brings further the conversation on the future institutional framework of humankind

” –  Roberto Caranta, Common Market Law Review, Volume 49, 4

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