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Women in the World's Legal Professions

Editor(s): Ulrike Schultz, Gisela Shaw
Media of Women in the World's Legal Professions
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Published: 08-04-2003
Format: PDF eBook (?)
Edition: 1st
Extent: 544
ISBN: 9781847312075
Imprint: Hart Publishing
Series: Oñati International Series in Law and Society
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Loren Epson

About Women in the World's Legal Professions

Women lawyers,less than a century ago still almost a contradiction in terms, have come to stay. Who are they? Where are they? What impact have they had on the profession that had for so long been a bastion of male domination? These are key questions asked in this first comprehensive study of women in the world's legal professions. Answers are based on both quantitative and qualitative analyses, using a variety of conceptual frameworks. 26 contributions by 25 authors present and evaluate the situation of women in the legal profession in both common and civil law countries in the developed world. 15 countries from four continents are covered: the United States of America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, England, Israel, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Finland, France, Italy, Brazil, Korea, and Japan. The focus ranges from judges and public prosecutors, to law professors, lawyers (attorneys), notaries and company lawyers. National differences are clearly in evidence, but so are common features cutting across national boundaries. Experience of glass ceilings and revolving doors is as widespread and as real as success stories of women lawyers pursuing their own projects.

Table Of Contents

Introduction: Women in the World's Legal Professions: Overview and Synthesis
- Ulrike Schultz
1. Gender and the Profession: An American Perspective
- Deborah Rhode
2. The Effect of Lawyer Gender on Client Perceptions of Lawyer Behaviour
- William Felstiner et al
3. Gender in Context: Women in Family Law
- Lynn Mather
4. Barriers to Gender Equality in the Canadian Legal Establishment
- Fiona M Kay and Joan Brockman
5. Engendering the Legal Profession: The Education Strategy
- Mary Jane Mossman
6. Women in the Legal Profession: The Australian Profile
- Rosemary Hunter
7. Women Barristers and Gender Difference in Australia
- Rosemary Hunter
8. New Zealand Women Lawyers at the End of the Twentieth Century
- Georgina Murray
9. The Status of Women Lawyers in the United Kingdom
- Clare MS McGlynn
10. Strategies for Reforming the English Solicitors' Profession: An Analysis of the Business Case for Sex Equality
- Clare MS McGlynn
11. Prospects for Parity: The Position of Women in the Judiciary in England and Wales
- Kate Malleson
12. Can Women Lawyer Differently? A Perspective from the UK
- Hilary Sommerlad
13. The Remains of the Day: The Women Law Professors Project
- Celia Wells
14. Lawyers in the Courtroom: Gender,Trials and Professional Performance in Israel
- Bryna Bogoch
15. The Status of Women Lawyers in Germany
- Ulrike Schultz
16. Women Lawyers in Germany: Perception and Construction of Femininity
- Ulrike Schultz
17. Women Lawyers in the New Federal States of Germany: From Quantity to Quality?
- Gisela Shaw
18. Women in the Dutch Legal Profession (1950–2000)
- Leny E de Groot-van Leuwen
19. Choices in Context: Life Histories of Women Lawyers in the Netherlands
- Heleen FP Ietswaart
20. Women Lawyers in Poland under the Impact of Post-1989 Transformation
- Ma?gorzata Fuszara
21. Women Jurists in Finland at the Turn of the Century: Breakthrough or Intermezzo?
- Harriet Silius
22. Male Strategies in the Face of the Feminisation of a Profession: The Case of the French Judiciary
- Anne Boigeol
23. Professional Body and Gender Difference in Court: The Case of the First (Failed) Woman Lawyer in Modern Italy
- Vittorio Olgiati
24. Women in the Judiciary: A Perspective from Brazil
- Eliane Botelho Junqueira
25. Lee Tai-Young (1914–1998): The Pioneer Woman Lawyer of South Korea
- Haesook Kim
26. Women Lawyers in Japan: Contradictory Factors in Status
- Yuriko Kaminaga and Jörn Westhoff


“This book is a clever collection of essays offering a comprehensive overview of women in the legal professions of the developed world. It is easy to read and absorb. It is a good reference guide for any feminist legal research or for anyone wanting a general idea of the development and advancement of women in the legal profession.” –  Judge Richards, The Queensland Lawyer

“…a timely and significant contribution to the ongoing dialogue.” –  Erika Rackley, University of Leicester, Social and Legal Studies

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