Raymond Byrne


Raymond Byrne has been the full time Commissioner of the Law Reform Commission of Ireland since 2016. Before that, he had been Director of Research in the Commission and, previously, a lecturer in law in the School of Law and Government, Dublin City University. In 2019, Raymond was appointed as an Adjunct Full Professor in the Sutherland School of Law, University College Dublin. He is co-author of Byrne and McCutcheon on the Irish Legal System (7th edition, 2020) and of the Annual Review of Irish Law series. He is also the author of Safety and Health Legislation: Annotated and Consolidated (2013). He was also a contributor to Macleod and Hodges (eds), Redress Schemes for Personal Injuries (2017) and Percival and Sayers (eds), Changing the Law: A Practical Guide to Law Reform (2017). Raymond chaired a Working Group whose work led to a Council of Europe 2009 Recommendation on Missing Persons and Presumption of Death. He was also previously Chair of the Irish Council for Civil Liberties and President of the Irish Association of Law Teachers.