Murdoch and Hunt’s Encyclopedia of Irish Law

For over thirty years, Murdoch and Hunt has been the gold standard in legal reference. Indeed, the related book carries the distinction of being the only Irish legal reference book ever mentioned in a Supreme Court judgment.

This service is designed primarily for busy practitioners who want an aide memoire or an introduction to an area of law with which they are not immediately familiar, and which will either fulfil their needs there and then or point the correct direction for further information. An example is ‘[Rest]. A grant caeterorum is a grant of representation in respect of the rest of the property of a deceased made to the person so entitled, where a grant of part only of the estate (save and except) has already been made. See PROBATE.

Murdoch and Hunt's Encyclopedia of Irish Law is fully interactive, inter-linked and searchable — making it the ideal starting point for legal research. Moreover, all definitions are regularly reviewed and updated to take stock of legal developments, including both case law and legislation.


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‘A hugely impressive legal research resource, which will, I believe prove to be invaluable to judges, practitioners, garda, students, libraries, the public service and enterprise’.

—Michael McDowell SC, then Attorney General in 2001 at the launch of the first version of Murdoch’s Irish Legal Companion


‘The dictionary is a breath taking work of legal scholarship ….It is the first stop on any quest to discover unknown areas of law and unknown words’.

—Keith Walsh, Solicitor, in The Parchment (2016)


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