Irish Criminal Law

Whether it is the analysis of theoretical aspect of criminal law, or the practicalities faced by criminal defence practitioners, prosecutors and defence barristers, our Irish Criminal Law online service offers vital resources to subscribers. Along with access to our many criminal law titles, the service includes our monthly Irish Criminal Law Update, written by Laura Byrne BL, which provides up-to-date insights and case analysis into contemporary and emerging issues in criminal law.

Notable titles include

Charleton & McDermott’s Criminal Law and Evidence by Peter Charleton, Paul A McDermott, Ciara Herlihy and Stephen
Criminal Legislation in Ireland by Lynn O’Sullivan
Drug Offences in Ireland by Garnet Orange
Evidence in Criminal Trials by Liz Heffernan
The Special Criminal Court: Practice and Procedure by Alice Harrison

Full List of Content

  • Busy Practitioner: Irish Criminal Law
  • Case Summaries: Irish Criminal Law
  • Charleton & McDermott's Criminal Law and Evidence
  • Corporate Crime
  • Courtney: Criminal Liability under Company Law
  • Criminal Defence Representation at Garda Stations
  • Criminal Legislation in Ireland
  • Drug Offences in Ireland
  • Evidence in Criminal Trials
  • Evidentiary Foundations: Irish Edition
  • Intellectual Property Law - Criminal Offences
  • Irish Criminal Law Update
  • Judicial Review
  • The Law of Evidence in Ireland
  • The Law on Res Judicata and Double Jeopardy
  • Local Authority Enforcement
  • Misuse of Drugs: Criminal Offences and Penalties
  • National Security Law in Ireland
  • Police Powers in Ireland
  • Prison Law
  • Revenue Investigations and Enforcement
  • Road Traffic Law Handbook
  • 1961-2017 Road Traffic Legislation
  • Scientific Evidence: Fingerprints and DNA
  • The Special Criminal Court: Practice and Procedure
  • Woods on Road Traffic Offences

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