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Irish Property Law

Irish Property Law provides a wide range of resources for practitioners in this area, including the full range of Irish Conveyancing Precedents (Laffoy), as well as access to a wealth of content from subject expert Professor JCW Wylie. This includes his seminal books as well as his monthly Irish Property Law Update of which he has written over 100. Designed with practitioners in mind, this update provides you with consolidated monthly case reports, practice guidelines and other useful insights.


Notable titles include

Irish Conveyancing Law by J.C.W. Wylie and Una Woods
Irish Conveyancing Precedents (Found Editor, Mary Laffoy)
Residential Tenancies by Laura Farrell
Wylie on Irish Land Law by J.C.W. Wylie
Wylie on Irish Landlord and Tenant Law by J.C.W. Wylie

Full List of Content

  • A Casebook on Equity and Trusts in Ireland
  • Co-Ownership of Land: Partition Actions and Remedies
  • Compulsory Purchase and Compensation in Ireland: Law and Practice
  • Equity and the Law of Trusts in Ireland
  • Intangible Property Rights in Ireland
  • Investigating Unregistered Title
  • Irish Conveyancing Law
  • Irish Conveyancing Precedents (Laffoy)
  • Irish Conveyancing Statutes
  • Irish Landlord and Tenant Acts: Annotations, Commentary and Precedents
  • Irish Property Law Update
  • Irish Stamp Duty Law
  • The Land and Conveyancing Law Reform Acts: Annotations and Commentary
  • The Law and Taxation of Trusts
  • National Asset Management Agency Act 2009: Annotations and Commentary
  • Registration of Deeds and Title in Ireland
  • Residential Tenancies
  • Specific Performance in Ireland
  • VAT on Property - Made Simple
  • Wylie on Irish Land Law
  • Wylie on Irish Landlord and Tenant Law

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