Irish Company and Commercial Law

From the sweeping changes ushered in by the Companies Act 2014 to the ever-mounting complexities of commercial law post-Brexit, company and commercial law in Ireland incorporates several vast areas of law. Irish Company and Commercial Law is a vital resource for practitioners working in this area, offering, along with our monthly update on notable developments, access to titles from some of Ireland’s most acclaimed authors, including Twomey, Courtney and Keane.

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Notable titles include:

Companies Act 2014: 2021 Edition
Keane on Company Law by Brian Hutchinson
The Law of Companies by Dr Thomas B. Courtney
Twomey on Partnership by Michael Twomey, edited by Maedhbh Clancy
Commercial Law by Michael Forde

Users also benefit from our monthly Irish Company Law Update which provides subscribers with monthly, up-to-date insights into contemporary and emerging issues in company law.




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