Irish Wills and Probate

Succession and probate law is an area of broad interest to practitioners across Ireland. With the Irish Wills and Probate Law online service, you have access to our quarterly update written by expert succession practitioners, Brian Spierin SC and Stephen Spierin BL, which contains commentary on recent case law and legislation relevant to probate practitioners. 

Notable titles include

  • Equity and The Law of Trusts in Ireland by Ronan Keane
  • Succession Law by Christopher Lehane
  • Succession Act 1965 and Related Legislation: A Commentary by Brian Spierin
  • Wills—Irish Precedents and Drafting by Brian Spierin

As part of your subscription, you have access to the Laffoy Precedents as well as a wide range of practice-focused titles and precedents pertaining to testamentary succession.

Full List of Content

  • Bohan and McCarthy: Capital Acquisitions Tax
  • Buckley, Conroy and O'Neill: Specific Performance and Succession
  • Busy Practitioner: Irish Wills & Probate Law
  • Capital Acquisitions Tax Guide
  • Case Summaries: Irish Wills & Probate Law
  • Conway: Severance of Joint Tenancies (Ireland and Northern Ireland)
  • Drafting Trusts and Will Trusts in Northern Ireland
  • Equity and the Law of Trusts in Ireland
  • Irish Wills and Probate Cases
  • Irish Wills and Probate Law Update
  • Laffoy Precedents: Settlements, Trusts, Wills
  • The Law and Taxation of Trusts
  • Succession Act 1965 and Related Legislation: A Commentary
  • Succession Law
  • Wills - Irish Precedents and Drafting


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