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1961-2017 Road Traffic Legislation

By: Robert Pierse
Media of 1961-2017 Road Traffic Legislation
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Published: 10-05-2018
Format: EPUB eBook (?)
Edition: 2nd
Extent: 700
ISBN: 9781526502711
Imprint: Bloomsbury Professional
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About 1961-2017 Road Traffic Legislation

Road traffic offences are those which are connected with the ownership, driving or control of mechanically-propelled vehicles in public places, including drunken, dangerous and careless driving. Over 90% of prosecutions in the District Courts are road related.

1961-2017 Road Traffic Legislation sets out annotated road traffic legislation from 1961 to 2017 and covers all relevant case law and Statutory Instruments, which makes it an ideal book for solicitors, barristers and Gardaí.

This new edition includes reference to litigation on intoxicants, dangerous driving, careless driving and drug driving along with many other areas of Road Traffic Law. This title covers both practice and procedure and each section is annotated fully and cross referenced. The layout is user-friendly and where relevant makes reference to earlier volumes.

This is crucial as road traffic law is a vital part of many smaller solicitors' firms' daily work and this title provides them with annotated legislation in an area rife with difficulty as the legislation is piecemeal and often contradictory. Many Statutory Instruments and Acts are created in this area: some enacted in full, others not. This book updates the practitioner on this thorny area of law and points them to relevant case law where necessary.

Table Of Contents

Road Traffic Act 1961
Road Traffic Act 1968
Local Authorities (Traffic Wardens) Act 1975
Road Traffic (Amendment) Act 1984 1984
Dublin Transport Authority (Dissolution) Act 1987
Road Traffic Act 1994
Road Traffic Act 2002
Taxi Regulation Act 2003
Road Traffic Act 2004
Road Safety Authority Act 2006
Road Traffic Act 2006
Road Traffic Act 2010
Road Traffic Act 2011
Road Traffic (No 2) Act 2011
Road Traffic Act 2012
Road Traffic Act 2014
Road Traffic Act (No 2) 2014
Vehicle Clamping Act 2016
Road Traffic Act 2016
Road Traffic (Amendment) Bill 2017


“As the definitive authority on road traffic law and practice, the new edition of this book by Robert Pierse provides an invaluable resource for students, practitioners, and judges offering authority and guidance through even the most complex of road traffic cases (...) I am confident will prove itself to be a valuable and authoritative court companion” –  Judge Rosemary Horgan, Foreword to the Fourth Edition, 1961 - 2017 Road Traffic Legislation

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