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SWETS Customer Notification

In light of recent developments regarding Swets, Bloomsbury Professional would like to advise its customers that payments to Swets may expose those customers to substantial risk. This applies in the main to subscriptions to Hart and Bloomsbury Professional journals although it is not limited to those products only. It is suggested that customers with current or planned business with Bloomsbury Professional either negotiate directly with Bloomsbury Professional and its distribution partners, or transfer that business to other subscription agents. It is hoped that in making this announcement now, customers might be able to lessen the impact that the current situation might incur.

Bloomsbury Professional wishes to assure customers that all possible measures that can be taken to mitigate the negative potential of the situation will be taken, and it will communicate its position to its customers regarding any future developments.

For further information, customers of Bloomsbury Professional titles can contact Marston Book Services Ltd:


01235 465500



Marston Book Services Ltd
Returns Department
160 Eastern Avenue
Milton Park