Professor Yvonne Daly is Professor of Criminal Law and Evidence at Dublin City University and she has a specific research focus on effective criminal defence and the legal regulation of criminal investigations. Yvonne holds a BCL from University College Cork and a PhD from Trinity College Dublin, where her thesis was entitled ‘Assembly Lines and Obstacle Courses: The Pre-Trial Process in Ireland’. She engages in detailed doctrinal and comparative work across European and international jurisdictions, and empirical research which explores the law in action, as compared with the theory. Her research is grounded in fundamental human rights instruments, such as the Irish Constitution and the European Convention on Human Rights, and it has been published widely. She is a co-editor of Teaching Evidence Law: Contemporary Trends and Innovations (Routledge, 2020) and the Routledge Handbook of Irish Criminology (Routledge, 2016), a co-author of Irish Criminal Justice: Theory, Process and Procedure (Clarus Press, 2010) a former Board Member of the Association for Criminal Justice Research and Development (2015-2019), former vice-chair of the Ethical, Political, Legal and Philosophical Studies Committee of the Royal Irish Academy (2014-2018), and a current member of the Governing Authority of DCU. Yvonne and her colleague Dr Vicky Conway were central to the development of the bespoke ‘SUPRALAT’ training programme for criminal defence practitioners attending police station interviews, which was developed, with colleagues across Europe, as part of an EU-funded project. They have delivered this training to over 100 criminal defence solicitors in Ireland in conjunction with the Law Society of Ireland and contributed to Garda training on the topic. The SUPRALAT training, and derivatives thereof, have also been delivered in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Scotland, and it has been further expanded and delivered under the EU-funded NETRPRALAT project in Spain, Lithuania and Poland.