Intellectual Property and IT

Intellectual property and information technology are areas of law which have seen both profound growth and increasing cultural importance in recent years. Our online service, Intellectual Property and IT Law, is an invaluable resource for any technology-focused legal practitioner working in this quickly evolving area. The service provides a monthly Intellectual Property and IT Law Update, written by technology law expert David Cullen and his team at William Fry. These updates provide you with targeted insight into contemporary and emerging issues in IP and IT law. Along with this, you have access to Bloomsbury Professional’s wide range of market-leading, practice-focused titles concerning all aspects of information technology and its relationship with the law.

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Notable titles include:

EU Data Protection Law by Denis Kelleher and Karen Murray
Gringras: The Laws of the Internet by Paul Lambert
Intellectual Property Law in Ireland by Robert Clark, Shane Smyth and Niamh Hall
Internet Law by Michael O’Doherty
Irish Copyright and Design Law by Robert Clark
Media Law in Ireland by Eoin Carolan and Ailbhe O’Neill
Privacy and Data Protection Law in Ireland by Denis Kelleher



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