Alex Glassbrook is a barrister at Temple Garden Chambers specialising in road transport law. His practice includes serious personal injury and insurance work as well as advisory work to industry. He is expert in the law of new transport technologies and deals with cases involving e-scooters, e-bikes, micro mobility vehicles, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and automated (‘self-driving’, ‘autonomous’ or ‘driverless’) vehicles. He has advised industry on a range of issues including testing of prototypes. Alex deals with the civil, criminal and public law aspects of road vehicle technology, across practice areas including consumer rights, data protection, environmental law, equality, insurance, personal injury, privacy and product liability. Chambers and Partners (2023) describes Alex as “the leading light in preparing the Bar for issues relating to driverless cars”. He wrote the first British book on the law of automated vehicles (‘The Law of Driverless Cars: An Introduction’) in 2017. The second edition (‘A Practical Guide to the Law of Driverless Cars’, co-written with Emma Northey and Scarlett Milligan) was published in November 2019. ‘Advanced, Automated and Electric Vehicle Law’ (Bloomsbury, 2023) is the first major textbook on the English and Welsh laws of new road vehicle technologies. Alex teaches at the Centre for Transport Studies at Imperial College London, where he is the Honorary Senior Research Fellow in Road Transport Law.