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Authoritative comment and analysis delivered to your desk, 4 times a year

Trust Law International is a well established quarterly journal with a mixed readership of academics and practitioners, regularly featuring articles, case notes, case summaries and book reviews within the area of both UK and foreign trusts, whilst also embracing related areas such as wills, tax, pensions, and charities. 

Benefit from:

•  Editorial comment
•  Coverage of pertinent UK and international issues
•  Authoritative commentary and analysis
•  First-hand experience in the field from a dedicated panel of industry experts



David Pollard, Barrister, Wilberforce Chambers, Lincoln’s Inn, London
Robert Chambers, Professor, Faculty of Law Thompson Rivers University, Canada
Dr James Brown, Reader, Aston Business School
Kelvin F K Low, Professor, National University of Singapore
Matthew Conaglen, Professor of Equity and Trusts, University of Sydney
Man Yip, Associate Professor, Singapore Management University

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Contents from previous issues:

Trust Law International 36.1 contents:

● Trustees with Absolute Discretions - a Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde in the New Zealand Courts (Peter Watts QC)
● Eyeing up the reformers - should England take inspiration from Canada's Uniform Benevolent and Community Crowdfunding Act and the US Crowdfunded Donation Protection Act? (Dr Tim Sinnamon)
● The limits of Cy-près: Reconciling the language and Practice of the Cy-près Doctrine (Derwent Coshott)

Trust Law International 35.4 contents:

● Negotiating New Curves Along Chancery Lane: Four More Questions on Fiduciaries (Weiming Tan)
● The Rule Against Perpetual Trusts: Part 2 – Property Holding Within Non-Charitable Unincorporated Associations (David Wilde)
● Rethinking the Role of Settlor Intent in the Variation of Trusts: Was the 1958 Act an Unfinished Revolution? (James Smith)

Trust Law International 35.3 contents:

● Would it be a Breach of a Pension Fund Trustee’s Investment Duties to Invest in ‘Green Gilts’? (Philip Bennett)
● The Rule Against Perpetual Trusts: Part 1 – Trusts for Non-Charitable Purposes (David Wilde)
●  ‘Illusory Trusts’, Shams, and Reservation of Powers (Samuel Yee Ching Leung)
● Fundamental Aspects of Promise-Based Proprietary Estoppel: Cheung Lai Mui v Cheung Wai Shing (Adam Shaw-Mellors and Philippa Harper)
● Parker v Financial Conduct Authority – A Missed Opportunity? (Jian Jun (JJ) Liew) 

Trust Law International 35.2 contents:

● A Comparative Analysis of Some Aspects of the Charities Act 2011 and the Irish Charities Act 2009 (Hilary Biehler)
● Settlor’s Retention of Powers in Civil Law Trusts (Joyman Lee)
● Cohabitees and The Problem of Unoverreached Beneficial Interests: Time for a Rethink? (Prof Mark Pawlowski and Dr James Brown)
● Being Audentic About Equitable Compensation (Dr Samuel Williams)

Trust Law International 35.1 contents:

● Trustee Recoupment: A Power Analysis (Jessica Hudson and Charles Mitchell)
● Trusts: Modern Taxonomy and Autonomy (Ying Khai Liew)
● No Longer Waning – Pennington Revived? (Alec J Morris)
● A Notable Decision for Dishonest Assistance (Dr Samuel Williams) 

Trust Law International 34.4 contents:

● Trusts of Crypto-assets (Kelvin F K Low)
● The ‘Prudence’ Test for Trustees in Pension Scheme Investment: Just a Shorthand for ‘Take Care’ (David Pollard)
● Charity Law’s Transition from ‘Poverty’ to ‘Financial Hardship’ (David Wilde and Imogen Moore)