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Intellectual Property and IT

Since the introduction of GDPR and the subsequent impact of Brexit, intellectual property and information technology law has never been harder to navigate. Our online service gives you the tools you need to navigate these changes. The service also provides a monthly Intellectual Property and IT Law Update, written by James Nurton. These updates provide you with targeted insight into contemporary and emerging issues in IP and IT law.

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Content includes:

• Bloomsbury IP/IT Briefing - monthly, available online only
• Business, the Internet and the Law - updated online only
• Communications Law: The Journal of Computer, Media and Telecommunications Law
• Cornerstone on Information Law
• Cyber Security: Law and Guidance
• Data Protection and Data Transfers Laws: UK Data Transfer Streams, Laws, and Rules
• Data Protection, Privacy Regulators and Supervisory Authorities
• E-contracts - updated online only
• E-Commerce and Convergence: A Guide to the Law of Digital Media
• EU Electronic Communications Code Handbook
• Gringras: The Laws of the Internet
• Information Technology and Intellectual Property Law
• International Handbook of Social Media Laws
• The Media and Business Contracts Handbook
• Merchandising Intellectual Property
• Negotiating Software Contracts
• The Right to be Forgotten: Interpretation and Practice
• Technology Transfer
• A User’s Guide to Data Protection: Law and Policy
• A User’s Guide to Intellectual Property in Life Sciences
• A User’s Guide to Patents
• A User’s Guide to Trade Marks and Passing Off


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