Scottish Law Service

Our Scottish Law Service provides instant access to content from Scotland’s leading experts in all key areas of practice. This is the ideal resource for firms of solicitors who are looking for a full digital library of authoritative titles covering all areas of Scots Law.


Subscribing to our Scottish Law Service will enable you to:

  • access a full library of leading Scots law texts at the touch of a button
  • easily share content with colleagues or clients even if they don’t subscribe themselves
  • build your own set of frequently used documents
  • download PDFs representing paginated pages from original texts for use in court

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Table of Contents

Our service contains the current editions of the following titles and new editions are added throughout the subscription year at no extra cost.

  • A Fingertip Guide to Criminal Law
  • Abolition of Feudal Tenure in Scotland
  • Adult Protection and the Law in Scotland
  • Commercial Leases
  • Contract Law in Scotland
  • Conveyancing Practice in Scotland
  • Delictual Liability
  • Divorce and Dissolution of Civil Partnership in the Sheriff Court
  • Drafting Wills in Scotland
  • Employment Law in Scotland
  • Family Law in Scotland
  • Reed and Murdoch: Human Rights Law in Scotland
  • The Law of Banking in Scotland
  • Local Government Law in Scotland: An Introduction
  • Mental Health, Incapacity and the Law in Scotland
  • Missives
  • Professor McDonald’s Conveyancing Manual
  • Property Trusts and Succession
  • The Requirements of Writing
  • Scotland’s Constitution Law and Practice
  • Scots Criminal Law
  • Scots Law of Succession
  • The Scottish Children’s Hearing System in Action
  • Scottish Law of Leases
  • Scottish Older Client Law Service
  • Scottish Planning Law
  • Scottish Property Law
  • Scottish Roads Law
  • Style Writs for the Sherriff Court
  • Summary Cause Procedure in the Sheriff Court
  • Walker and Walker: The Law of Evidence in Scotland
  • Wheatley’s Road Traffic Law in Scotland

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