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Our Scottish Law Service provides instant online access to content from Scotland’s leading experts in all key areas of practice. This is the ideal resource for firms of solicitors who are looking for a full digital library of authoritative titles and legal content covering all areas of Scots Law.

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New/Forthcoming Content

New editions will automatically be added to the Scottish Law Service throughout your subscription year at no extra cost:

Coming in this subscription year
• Sudden Deaths and Fatal Accident Inquiries in Scotland 
• Mental Health, Incapacity and the Law in Scotland 3ed 
• Adult Protection and the Law in Scotland 3ed 
• Human Rights Law in Scotland 5ed
• Wheatley’s Road Traffic Law in Scotland 7ed 
• The Scottish Legal System 7ed 

In addition, certain works are updated throughout the year eg all tax titles, PI Damages in Scotland and Scottish Older Client Law Service. Scots Law Update is updated monthly with case summaries, interim updates on key areas of practice and topical articles from leading authors.

Table of Contents

  • A Fingertip Guide to Scots Criminal Law
  • Adult Protection and the Law in Scotland
  • Bloomsbury Professional Tax Guide
  • Commercial Leases in Scotland
  • Contract Law in Scotland
  • Conveyancing Practice in Scotland
  • Divorce and Dissolution of Civil Partnership in the Sheriff Court
  • Drafting Wills in Scotland
  • Employment Law in Scotland
  • Human Rights Law in Scotland
  • Inheritance Tax in Scotland
  • Land and Buildings Transaction Tax
  • Law of Banking in Scotland
  • Local Government Law in Scotland
  • Missives
  • Management of Taxes in Scotland
  • Mental Health, Incapacity and the Law in Scotland
  • Personal Injury Damages in Scotland
  • Professor MacDonald's Conveyancing Manual
  • Property Law in Scotland
  • Property, Trusts and Succession
  • Requirements of Writing
  • Scotland’s Constitution: Law and Practice
  • Scots Criminal Law
  • Scots Law of Succession
  • Scottish Law of Leases
  • Scottish Older Client Law Service
  • Scottish Planning Law
  • Scottish Roads Law
  • Social Work Law in Scotland
  • Studying Scots Law
  • Style Writs for the Sheriff Court
  • Sudden Deaths and Fatal Accident Inquiries in Scotland: Law, Policy and Practice
  • The Abolition of Feudal Tenure
  • The Scottish Children's Hearings System in Action
  • The Scottish Legal System
  • Thomson’s Delictual Liability
  • Thomson’s Family Law in Scotland
  • Trusts and Estates in Scotland
  • Walker and Walker: The Law of Evidence in Scotland
  • Wheatley's Road Traffic Law in Scotland


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