Scottish Tax Service

Practitioners who have clients based in Scotland or with interest there need to have a clear understanding of both Scottish and UK tax regimes that are deceptively alike but dangerously different. This is the only online service dedicated to Scottish taxes and is the best way of keeping up to date with Scotland’s unique and evolving tax regime.

Don’t miss this opportunity to have up-to-date guidance on Scottish taxes at the touch of a button.

Updated throughout the year at no extra cost, Bloomsbury Professional’s Scottish Tax Service includes:

  • An analysis of the powers, duties and responsibilities of Revenue Scotland and the administration of devolved taxes by Charlotte Barbour, Director of Taxation at ICAS
  • A comprehensive and clear guide to the brand new tax, Land and Buildings Transaction Tax, by Ken Wright, Executive Director with Ernst & Young
  • Authoritative guidance of the complexities of Scotland’s unique trusts and estates regime by Alexander Garden, Partner at Turcan Connell and Simon Mackintosh, Chairman of Turcan Connell
  • A clear explanation of how inheritance tax operates in Scotland with ever-increasing compliance challenges by Fiona McDonald, Partner Fyfe McDonald Solicitors



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