Missions and Values

Mission and Values

Our mission is to be a creative, entrepreneurial, independent publisher of books, audiobooks and digital content of excellence and originality and to bring these works to a worldwide audience. Our purpose is to inform, educate, entertain and inspire readers of all ages and backgrounds. We champion a life-long love of reading and learning and seek to help build a reading culture with all the benefits which that brings society.

We want to create a working environment that stimulates creativity and collaboration, is respectful of difference, inclusive and ethical in its practice and supports well-being. We are determined to nurture and develop our authors and our employees to their highest potential and know that our success is down to the passion, commitment and hard work of our talented people. We recognise the urgent need to help people from all backgrounds and identities to become part of the global publishing industry, allowing diverse voices to both reflect and shape our culture and society.

We are committed to helping authors, both new and established, to bring original and powerful works across an array of genres and subjects to readers and learners worldwide, sharing ideas, knowledge and experience, and sometimes challenging convention. Our editorial decisions are informed by a belief in the freedom of speech.

Diversity and Inclusion

Bloomsbury is committed to equality, diversity and inclusion and is opposed to discrimination, bullying and harassment. We condemn systemic racism in society in all its forms. We are dedicated to finding ways to improve our industry’s practices and our own company. We are actively working on revising and strengthening staff development and inclusion policies along with our own publishing practice.


We care about our planet and are actively working on initiatives to maximise our use of sustainable resources whilst seeking to reduce carbon emissions from fuel and electricity use. We are working to reduce consumption and introduce sustainable working practice across all functions of publishing.