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Family Law Online offers family law professionals full access to the full suite of Bloomsbury Professional family law content. Covering core content areas such as children’s law and practice, matrimonial property and finance, family proceedings,
childcare and adoption, children’s evidence, court of protection, child migration, human trafficking, modern slavery, public children law, vulnerable witnesses, tax implications on family breakdown and financial abuse of the elderly this service is the quintessential companion for every family law practitioner.

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Content includes:

• 1KBW on Enforcement in Financial Remedy Proceedings
• 1KBW on Matrimonial Finance Disputes Involving Trusts
• 1KBW on International Child Abduction
• Barlow’s Cohabitants and the Law
• Bloomsbury Family Law Briefing - monthly, available online only
• Bloomsbury Professional Law Insight - Cryptocurrency in Matrimonial Finance
• Child Abduction within the EU
• Child Protection and the Family Court: What You Need to Know
• Children Law and Practice
• Children’s Views and Evidence
• Cost in Family Proceedings
• Family Court Reports
• Family Law Advocacy
• Family Law Arbitration: Practice and Precedents
• Family Law Legislation - available online only
• Family Mediation: Contemporary Issues
• Financial Abuse of Older Clients: Law, Practice and Prevention
• Forced Marriage Law and Practice
• International Surrogacy Arrangements
• Law and Ethics of Dementia
• Marital Agreements and Private Autonomy in Comparative Perspective
• Matrimonial Property and Finance
• Mediating International Child Abduction Cases: The Hague Convention
• Mental Disorders, Mental Illness and the Family Court
• A Practical Guide to Family Proceedings
• A Practitioner’s Guide to the Court of Protection
• Privilege, Privacy and Confidentiality in Family Proceedings
• Public Children Law: A Case Law Compendium
• Public Children Law: Contemporary Issues
• Responsible Parents and Parental Responsibility
• Tax Implications on Family Breakdown
• Transparency in the Family Courts: Publicity and Privacy in Practice
• Vulnerable Witnesses within Family and Criminal Proceedings: Protections, Safeguards and Sanctions
• Youth Court Guide


These titles are available to subscribe to online as individual products: 

• Children Law and Practice

• Family Court Reports

• Matrimonial Property and Finance

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