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Anna Morris

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With a solid background in both domestic and international human rights law, Anna has extensive experience of successfully representing clients whose cases challenge public policy and seek to achieve social justice. Anna has expertise across the criminal justice system including criminal defence, extradition, inquests into deaths in custody and civil actions against the police.

Protest Law

Anna is regularly instructed on behalf of political protestors whose cases challenge the state's incursion into civil liberties. In 2012, she represented a number of defendants from across the UKUNCUT movement taking part in high-profile demonstrations against Fortnum and Mason, Vodaphone and Topshop. Anna secured acquittals for all those she represented.

She has also represented those taking part in demonstrations at the sites of Sequani, Carmel Axgrexco, Raytheon and Erynis as well as those who attended the Climate Camp at Kingsnorth. As a result, Anna is experienced in the cross-examination of professional witnesses, particularly police officers.

Writes Criminal Law

Author of The Protest Handbook

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