Jacqueline Watts



Jacqueline Watts heads up A City Law Firm's Corporate and Commercial Team, is a Director of the Firm and sits on the Management Team. She is a confident and skilled negotiator, achieves favourable results for her clients and is a seasoned innovator. Jacqueline heads up a specialist team of lawyers best placed to advise on new innovation. Whilst she oversees all work undertaken by her team, she also runs the more complex investment rounds and enjoys working with those looking to disrupt their marketplace or using new and innovative technologies. She has specialist experience in crypto-currency and block chain, where she runs a steering panel of experts in this field as well as giving expert commentary and talks. She has a passion and understanding of machine learning and AI and works closely with clients in developing their IP, business and securing investment. She has an array of clients across a multitude of sectors and disciplines, each at varying stages of funding, expansion and exits.